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Your body is made of energy. Indeed, energy pulsates all around your body and through your body. There are 7 main energy centers that run throughout the length of your spine.  These are called the chakras. The 7 chakras correspond directly to certain areas of your psyche; there are chakras that affect your physical body, there are chakras that affect your emotional domain and there are chakras that affect your spiritual domain.  It is ideal to have all of your chakras aligned, unblocked and balanced, so that your body, mind and spirit can also achieve a healthy balance. In order to do this, you may need to “check in” and to make sure that there is a healthy amount of energy flowing through each chakra at a rapid clip. Should you ever find that there is a weak energy flow or a blockage in one of your vital energy sources, there are several things you can do to make that chakra healthier.

The 7th chakra, or the Crown chakra, is located near the top of the head. This is the chakra that is associated with heavenly bodies, your spiritual path and the Divine.  The Crown chakra also houses wisdom, your life’s purpose, your connection to past lives, intuitive knowing, inspiration, devotion, ethics, trust, selflessness, values, decency, humanitarianism and enlightenment.  The Crown chakra is hugely important, because it directly affects your relationship to the Divine and Holy Spirit and it determines how good and moral you are as a person. Imbalances in this chakra can cause terrible problems, such as grief, mistrust,  loss of meaning, mental and emotional instability, sense of frustration, destructive feelings,  and an inability to connect with your spiritual self or a higher being.

Indeed, if you are looking to attain true enlightenment, a strong spiritual presence and if you want to walk down the right journey in life, you would be wise to nurture your Crown chakra.

meditationTop 5 Ways to Nourish Your Crown Chakra

1. Use color therapy. Violet, or a rich purple is the main color that is connected to your 7th chakra. The secondary color is white. If you are sensing a loss of spiritual connection or any blocked energy in this chakra, your first line of defense should be to surround yourself with the right colors. Buy purple pillows, curtains, tapestries, blankets, sheets, throw rugs and paintings. Also add a few hints of white.

2. Fill your house with the right gemstones. Crystals carry a remarkable ability to change and shift energy vibrations, so having the right crystals around can be a powerful nurturing tool. The best crystals for your 7th chakra are the crystals that are purplish or crystal clear in color.  These crystals include: amethyst, moldavite, clear quartz, peacock ore and diamonds. Amethyst is a calming and lovely purple gemstone. It radiates peaceful energy that strengthens and protects your intuitive and psychic abilities. This is the stone of spirituality, contentment and inner peace and love.  Moldavite is the stone of destiny and purpose. It carries an intense frequency, which activates your spiritual evolution. Clear quartz is a very, very important stone to have near you if you truly wish to nourish your 7th chakra. Clear quartz energizes, balances and connects all aspects of your psyche, including the physical, the emotional and the spiritual planes, but it especially amplifies and awakens your spiritual plane. This stone strengthens your connection to spiritual beings, opens you up to your spiritual guides and it also repels negativity. Finally, we have diamonds. Diamond are very special and very potent crystals.  This is the stone of illumination. It opens the mind to the “new” and the “possible.” It also brings strength, courage and spiritual clarity and power to whomever wears or holds it.  Once you have obtained any or all of these gemstones, you will not only want to display them prominently in your home, but you will also want to hold each in your hand for 20+ minutes a day. This will re-energize your Crown chakra and it will shift the appropriate energies that need nourishment.

3. Eat the right foods. Healthy juices and fruits and highly recommended for the Crown chakra. These will clean out your system, while providing essential vitamins and nutrients. It is also wise to fast and use detox programs to further cleanse your system. When your body is empty, true enlightenment is possible and you will also start to see visions of your holy being.

4. Bathe in or smell essential floral essences and oils. These will include lotus, jasmine, angelica, star tulip, sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, neroli, benzoin,  lavender and St. John’s Wort. Lotus in particular creates purity for your spiritual self. This is the flower of rebirth, spiritual awakening and faithfulness.  Lavender, also, should be used often.  This is the flower of love, purity and devotion. It brings spiritual healing, tranquility and thoughtfulness and it also has a calming and soothing presence.chakra meditazione

5. Engage in activities that will strengthen your Crown chakra. Meditation is the activity that will bring you closer to your holy self. Clear your mind and feel feelings of purity. Count to 20 slowly and notice the inner peace and silence that surrounds you. You will notice also that your focus is sharpened and you will feel clarity regarding which path in life to take. Also be sure and visit nature whenever possible. Mother Nature has healing properties, so engage fully and thoroughly in any trip out to the fields, the woods, the mountains or to a lake. Take your shoes off and feel the grass between your toes. Stand in a rain shower and let the water wash away impurities. Feel the wind caress your face and let it carry away your burdens.

So, there you have it. The best ways to nourish and re-energize your Crown chakra. As you heal this vital energy center, you will start to feel closer to your spiritual Deity. You will feel lighter and more pure physically and you will eventually attain true enlightenment.

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