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The body is made of energy. Indeed, energy flows through us and all around us. The energy comes from 7 centers of life force called the chakras. The chakras run all up and down your spine and each is responsible for some aspect of your being; the physical, the emotional, the sensual, vocal expression and the spiritual. It is ideal to have the energy flowing freely through these points and to not have any blockages. If you can have all of the energy flowing through you freely, you will have harmony and balance between your physical, your emotional and your spiritual lives. You will also have a healthy life and healthy relationships.

Beautiful young woman doing yoga exerciseThe second chakra, or the Sacral chakra, is located near the belly button and it encapsulates your sensuality, your sexuality, your feelings of attractiveness, your personal magnetism, your charm, your ability to attract the opposite sex and your creativity. Since this chakra is a very emotional chakra, it needs to be tended to and nourished often. An imbalance in this chakra can cause an eating disorder, lack of self-esteem, distortion of self, trust issues, frigidity, and alcohol and drug dependencies. As such, it is absolutely vital to keep the energy flowing freely through this area and it is most important to keep your Sacral chakra in a good place.

Thankfully, there are many ways to do this. Firstly, eating the right foods can enhance sensuality and sexual feelings and can also put you in a very creative mood. Foods that feed and nourish the Sacral chakra are mostly sweet fruits, such as melon, strawberries, passion fruit, coconut, mango, oranges and blood oranges. You can even make a fruit bowl, a shake or a smoothly and incorporate lots of these fruits at one time, for added benefit. Honey and nuts also help. Walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, almonds and cashews will do the job nicely. Try spreading the honey on a bowl of nuts for a delicious treat. For further enhancement, try spices such as vanilla, cinnamon, carob, sweet paprika and sesame seed caraway. These can be added to many dishes and desserts.

Now that you have your diet in good working order, focus on colors. The colors that bring out your sexuality are orange, pink and purple. So, it is recommended you decorate your home with accents of orange and small flourishes of pink and purple. Add some colorful curtains, throw pillows, blankets, sheets and tapestries. Soon you will be feeling more sensual and sexual and you will also long to have more creative releases, as well.

You can also add gemstones to your home. Citrine, fire opal, orange tourmaline, carnelian, tangerine quartz, moonstone and orange zincite will all work wonders on your Sacral chakra. Again, the name of the game is to get the energy flowing freely through this vital energy source. You can not only have the gemstones in your home, but you can hold each in your hand for approx. 20 minutes each, and you will truly feel your energy and balance shift. Gemstones are very powerful and using them properly can truly change your life for the better.

Floral essences and oils can also help. Take a bath or shower with orange, melissa, jasmine, neroli, rose, hibiscus, Indian Paintbrush or lady’s slipper to comfortably balance out your Sacral chakra. You can also just sniff them or burn them as incense if you are low on time.

Now that your Sacral chakra may be in a more balanced, healthy zone, up the ante and really start releasing tensions and negative thoughts by getting creativity. Indeed, Zen - Kraft des Wasserscreative pursuits are most healthy for you and you should engage in them often. Creative pursuits can include dancing, singing, theater, acting classes, making pottery, filmmaking, making mosaic tilings, drawing and painting. The sky’s the limit! Engage in as much creative expression as you can. Expressing yourself creatively will get your emotions out in a healthy and productive way. You will feel more emotional, generally speaking and you will find that you have a softer side. Try to even engage in some of these activities with your lover or a friend. Creativity is an intense emotional interaction and it bonds people together. Indeed, you relationships will become stronger and more solid should you engage in the arts together.

So, there you have it. The tools and tricks of the trade. In no time, the energy should be flowing freely through your Sacral chakra and any blockages should be gone. You will feel more sensual and sexual and you will wish to create more and more. Also, your aura will be in a healthier state. The energy that emits from your body is shown through your aura, which is soft, ethereal glow of colors. You want your aura to always have a healthy, radiant glow, and this can only be obtained when the every is flowing smoothly. A healthy aura means a healthy life, because your aura attracts healthy people and good and positive situations to you. So, taking care of all of your chakras is vital to living a balanced and happy life. You will also eventually reach spiritual enlightenment and that will also enhance your life in ways you can hardly imagine.

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