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Everyone is made of energy. This energy flows and pulsates throughout your body at 7 vital energy points. These energy points are called the chakras. Chakras are centers of life force, and each corresponds to a particular part of your psyche, be it your physical vitality, your ability to express yourself, your ability to love or your ability to spiritually connect to a higher being. If the energy gets jammed, blocked, or flows too freely, an imbalance in that area of your life can occur, so it is important to understand the seven chakras and what each one represents. It is essential to keep all chakras open and to allow energy to freely pass through each one in order to live a healthy life where your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes are in perfect balance.

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To begin, it is important to understand the the first chakra, or the Root chakra. The Indian name for this chakra is Muladhara and it is situated at the base of your spine. The Root chakra is arguably one of the most important chakras, as it is responsible for your physical vitality and it is the chakra that grounds you most closely to Mother Earth. Indeed, the Root chakra is responsible for your survival instincts, your “fight or flight” response, your sense of security, your sense of self esteem and your ability to keep yourself safe in the world. The Root chakra also influences your base emotions and desires, such as anger, jealousy, lust, happiness and greed and it plays a role in your primal instincts, physical pain, pleasure and touch.

It is absolutely essential to keep the energy flowing freely and at a good clip with this particular chakra. An imbalance in the Root chakra can cause very serious issues, such as drug and alcohol addictions, obsessions & compulsions, selfishness, restlessness, volatile emotional swings and a lack of vitality. Lack of vitality, unaddressed, can manifest itself as depression, lethargy and the desire to commit suicide. So, as you can see, taking care of your base desires and impulses is a great place to start, when up keeping your chakras.

If you sense that you have an imbalance or a blockage in the Root chakra, there are many things you can do to enhance, reinvigorate and recharge this most vital life center. You can start by understanding that red is the prime color of the Root chakra, with hints of black, brown and grey as background colors. Be sure to add hints and flares of red to your home in order to reactivate the 1st chakra. Invest in plush pillows, throw rugs, silky curtains and even blankets, sheets and bedding. Add a few notes of black, brown and grey and you are off to a great start! You can even wear red shirts, blazers and skirts to get the energy flowing more smoothly through this chakral center.

Food is also a vital part of restoring the health and well-being to any chakral point. For the Root chakra, you will want to fuel your body with foods that come from the earth, but also protein-rich foods that will kickstart your vitality. Recommended foods include: radishes, potatoes, carrots, parsnips, beets, onions and garlic. Protein-rich food, the kind that will give you energy, includes: eggs, beans, meat, peanut butter, soy products and tofu. Hot spices can also add some zing, so try cayenne, pepper, hot paprika, chives and horseradish.

Gemstones and fragrances are also subtle, but helpful ways to massage some life into your Root chakra. For gemstones, choose reddish stones, such as bloodstone, ruby, garnet, hematite, star ruby, smoky quartz and red jasper. These gemstones can be worn as beautiful jewelry pieces, or you can keep them in your home. For added benefit, hold one of these precious crystals in your hand for at least 20 minutes and the healing vibrational energy will pulsate through your body, re-energizing your Root chakra. You may also wish to invest in black tourmaline, as this is a powerful protective stone, and it will enhance your feelings of safety in the world. The floral essences and oils that can revive your Root chakra include: rosemary, myrrh, patchouli, ylang-ylang, frankincense, benzoin, sandalwood, clematis. It is good to either bathe in these sweet smelling oils or to burn them as incense in your home.

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But, perhaps the most important of the healing actions you can take for your Root chakra is to visit Mother Nature and to let her soothing properties be the ultimate remedy. When you go out into nature, get interactive. First “ground yourself” by taking off your shoes and pushing your feet into the mud. Then press your palms into the bark of a tree. Here, you are “rooting” yourself to Mother Nature and becoming one with the natural spirits. Also, wade in a stream, swim or splash around in a lake, stand in a rainstorm, smell the pine in a forest, climb a mountain, pick freshly-scented flowers, hear the crunch of leaves under your feet and feel the gentle breeze carry away all your problems and worries. Indeed, a day out in nature will truly soothe your mind and rejuvenate your spirit in ways that no other place on earth can.

So, now you have a comprehensive list of the ways in which you can attend to your Root chakra and make it strong and healthy. Remember also that a free, unblocked chakras are also very healthy for your aura. Your aura is an ethereal glow that emanates from your body. The soft, subtle colors come from the energy that pulsates through your body. A healthy, vibrant aura will attract healthy, positive people and situations, so constant upkeep of your chakras is most essential. In time, all of your chakras will be healthy and unencumbered, the energy flow will be steady, and your physical, emotional, and spiritual worlds will be in perfect balance and harmony.

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