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By far one of the most important chakras in your body is the 4th chakra, also called the heart chakra.

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Your heart chakra is responsible for emotional intelligence and how you relate to other people including things like: unconditional love, maternal love, empathy, forgiveness, compassion, tolerance, decency, selflessness, trust, inspiration and generosity. Imbalances in the heart chakra can cause major problems and so its essential to keep it open and flowing properly as much as you can. Some problems that can happen are envy, hatred or conflict in relationships.

Improving the heart chakra will make you feel uplifted, more connected to your true self and enjoying the world more. So, let’s talk about things you can do to really grow and nourish this amazing chakra.

Wear Or Associate More With The Colors Green And Pink

To unblock and enhance your heart chakra, first of all think about surrounding yourself with the colors green and pink as these can soothe and cause that chakra to open up more.  To help with that, you could make changes in your home, like the pillows in the bedroom, carpets, walls, paintings or curtains to name a few. You could also try wearing these colors and seeing what that does for you – so have a look in your wardrobes and see if there’s something green or pink that strikes out at you, and you’d love to wear!

There are so many different shades of green and pink too, and the important thing is to choose a shade that resonates with you. Whatever resonates with you actually connects you more to your heart and so brings a more uplifting and nourishing effect for you overall.

Use Crystals To Open The Heart

Another thing you can try is to use crystals that have these colors at their base.

Some examples are:

Rose quartz
Green quartz
Pink, green and watermelon tourmaline
Moss agate
Ruby zoisite
Pink sapphire.

Crystals have very powerful healing properties and they are also energy shifters, which affect the chakras directly but also influence your consciousness. If you want to make their powers even more powerful, hold each of the crystals tightly in your hand for at least 20 minutes daily, and you will start to feel refreshed and revived very quickly.

For those on a budget, focus most on the rose quartz and the pink sapphire crystals. Rose quartz is a lovely light pink-colored crystal that is sometimes called the “love stone.” It opens your heart wider to all sorts of love, like unconditional love,  family love, maternal love, platonic love, and romantic love. It also helps to promote inner warmth, generosity and kindness so you’re really getting an all-round benefit here.

Pink sapphire, on the other hand, is a bright pink stone that has more protective properties for your heart. This stops you getting emotionally affected by what other people do or say, so you’re in a more stable and consistent emotional state all the time. Together, these 2 stones are quite the dynamic duo and will compliment each other perfectly.

As with any crystals, you can either hold and wear these, or place them in a bowl in a well-aired area. For example, in the hallway when people walk into your home is a good area, because it will make them feel warm, kind and at ease from the vibration of the crystals. Its a great way to welcome guests in a spirit of unconditional love and harmony.

Modifying Your Diet To Enhance The Heart Chakra

Your diet has a massive impact on the heart chakra too. One thing you can do to start off is eat more vegetables and leafy greens as these are full of vibrant natural and creative energies.

Good things to eat here are: spinach, lettuce, kale, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, dandelion or cabbage, and there’s so many ways to add in more vegetables in your diet.

Green and herbal teas are great for the heart chakra, and certain spices you can use are things like sage, basil, thyme, parsley or cilantro.

Bathing And Floral Essences

Bathing and surrounding yourself with essential floral essences and oils is a great way to remove impurities and strengthen the heart chakra. Things you can use here are rose, poppy, jasmine, rosewood, holly, bergamot, pine, eucalyptus or melissa. Essential oils can basically be bought at your local health store and you can either place drops of it with you in the bath tab, or you can place it in water and use a candle to slowly burn it off. The important thing is to use a method that resonates with you and helps you to fully relax around the smells.

Change Your Behavior To Help The Heart Chakra

Another awesome tool is to be loving and gentle and kind to everyone you meet. If you have a special partner in your life, little things can make all the difference in the world, like leaving little love notes around the house or cooking them a special meal as a surprise. Being charitable, expressing love, and generally being a loving person with everyone and anyone you know is one of the most nourishing ways to open up and heal the heart chakra once and for all. Love is a vibration all of its own and it can’t really be hidden or “faked”. You need to genuinely be a loving person if you truly want to strengthen and heal your heart to the highest level.
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Being Creative

The final thing is being creative can also stoke the emotional fires within you! Expressing your emotions opens your heart wider to the abundance of life.  There are so many creative things that someone can do and no matter what you choose, just make sure that you’re being true to yourself and not “faking your way to be creative”.

Remember that the true power lies in being your authentic and true self. Follow the law of attraction, that says that “like attracts like.” Put out positive, happy and loving vibes into the universe and you will attract these vibes right back. Happy, healthy people will be attracted to you and your relationships will flourish. Your physical health will improve and your emotional health will be stable and you’ll feel great. You will even feel more connected to a higher being, meaning that your spiritual health will be at its peak. In sum, when the energy is flowing rapidly through your heart chakra, the stars will align to bring you great things, great people, great relationships and great situations. So, never forget to believe and to keep a positive outlook- its worth it!

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    Thank you for posting this article. It’s full of great tips (am sharing on Twitter). I have trouble with my heart chakra, think it might be too open.

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    I love all the blog posts that you’ve sent me so far. I can’t wait to try all the tips for improving the sacral, throat and heart chakras. I’ll let you know their effects on me, especially, with regards to ‘unlocking the law of attraction.’

    From the way the articles were written, I would say that the author/s have healthy chakras and are attracting more good into their lives!

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