The Heart Chakra and Divine Love

Hands holding a sand in form of heartThe concept of “divine love” is really the highest form of energy when it comes to the Law of Attraction. The power of divine love is thought to be life transforming. The truth is you have all you need inside you for healing, love, prosperity and loving and healthy relationships. The idea of divine love is within all of us and we don’t need to search anywhere else. You can tap into this power and begin releasing it through things like prayer, affirmations, and words, thoughts and actions.

The more you work with the power of divine love, the more love you will generate. The more love you generate, the happier, healthier and more prosperous you will be. Divine love is especially powerful when you combine it with chakra work. Working with the powerful energy of the heart, can heal any situation or any relationship. Divine love can also heal the mind, body and spirit, so it is an extremely powerful force.

The more you radiate the power of divine love by working with the heart chakra the more radiant and irresistible you will be. Love is truly what makes the world go around. Most of us us really only want to be happy. If we don’t set our own happiness as our top priority, then no one else is going to do that for us.

Whatever you may need in life – love is really the answer. Although that may seem a little simple, it really is true. You never really need to look outside of yourself for love, affection or appreciation. By working with the heart chakra and the power of divine love your own thoughts and feelings will begin attracting to you whatever situations, people, and conditions are necessary for your highest good. Using the power of love, you can become divinely irresistible.

Love and belonging are really basic human needs. Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a pyramid showing the different levels of needs from basic survival to self-actualization, shows love as one of the five basic human needs along with our core needs like air, food and water, a feeling of safety and security, and self-esteem. Many people don’t really consider love and belonging as a basic human need but it really is a natural instinct.

The heart’s electromagnetic field generated by your heartbeat forms a powerful energy field that connects you to your higher power or your higher self – this same energetic field also connects you to others. When you make decisions that come from your heart, you align yourself with your highest goals and values.

Connecting with your heart means digging down deep inside yourself and discovering what makes your heart sing.

Heart Chakra Meditation

The Heart Chakra is of course located in the area of your body where your heart resides. The emotion of love teaches you to let go and trust in the world, ultimately helping you transcend the flames of sexual passion. The heart chakra is all about unconditional love, surrender, compassion, forgiveness, peace and grace. There is no greater energy than the energy of the heart.

It is through the Heart Chakra that you allow yourself to love, to be loved, and to receive all the good the Universe has to offer. When this center is open and flowing, you have healthy relationships with your loved ones and yourself, and your life moves along more easily.

To work with the heart chakra, you can use a rose quartz stone if you have one. If you don’t have a pink colored stone, that’s fine, you can use an emerald green one or a even a clear quartz crystal.Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted for 10-15 minutes. You don’t have to go into a full meditation to do this; you can just read the meditation below with your crystal and see where that takes you.

Set the intent for your meditation. Place the rose quartz or whatever stone you choose, against your Heart Chakra, right in the middle of your chest. You can also hold the stone. Take another deep breath in, and imagine your Heart Center opening like a flower – visualize whatever flower feels right for this. As the petals bloom open, say to yourself: “I am open to love.”

Your Heart Chakra opens in two directions, through both your chest and your back. Once the front of your heart chakra is open, then visualize another flower opening up on the center of your back. This flower may be the same or different as the flower on your chest. Opening both the front and back of your Heart Chakra allows for a greater release.

Now take another nice deep breath and say: “I am willing to forgive, even those who don’t deserve my forgiveness. I do this for myself, to take back my power and move forward in peace, love and harmony.”

Imagine this feeling of compassion, flowing outward from your Heart. Let the pink light of divine love grow deeper and stronger and allow your Heart Chakra to glow, to shine from within.

Give yourself a few minutes to breathe deeply, enjoying your expanded Heart Chakra and the energy flowing through it. Feel the powerful green energy flowing out of your heart, healing everything.

When you’re ready, close up the chakra “flowers” on your chest and back. Take a deep breath, and rub your hands together. Open your eyes if they were closed, and set your crystal aside for cleansing later. You can run it through incense smoke or under running water. Eat some carbs if you feel light-headed; otherwise do whatever feels right.

Enjoy your newly healed Heart Chakra!Couple enjoying their time at the sunrise on the beach

The Heart Chakra energy reminds us to always respect and love ourselves deeply. When you love yourself and treat yourself with deep respect you begin healing from the inside out.

Treating your emotional self with this kind of respect by demanding that others treat you well and speaking up for yourself can heal any kind of issue. Working with the energy of the heart, anything is possible.


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