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Did you know that working with your chakras could help you manifest things in the Law of Attraction? Most of us don’t think about our chakras much when we are working with the Law of Attraction (LOA) but the truth is that the health of your chakras can have a lot to do with whether or not the LOA works for you.

There are really two different types of energy, when it comes to your chakras and the LOA – you’re either an upper chakra dominant chakra person or a lower chakra dominant person. No matter which of these you are however, you can supercharge your LOA abilities by learning how to build a bridge of light in your mind.

Upper Chakra versus Lower Chakra

タブレットを見る女性At this point, you are probably asking yourself which one of these two categories you fall in.

  • Upper Chakra Dominant people obviously use their upper chakras more than their lower ones. They may also be great visualizers but have a hard time consciously manifesting things. This might also be thought of as walking around with your head up in the clouds. If you work with your upper chakras a lot, you may tend to ignore the lower ones.
  • Lower Chakra Dominant people for the most part have the opposite problem. They may operate more out of their lower chakras, but have trouble visualizing or creating things in their mind.

If you have a difficult time picturing things, then you may be a more of a lower chakra dominant person. Another telltale sign would also be someone with a lot of material possessions but not a lot of connection to spirit. Upper chakra dominant people may have a little trouble turning their visualizations into reality, but there is an easy fix for this.

The best way to bridge that connection from your lower chakras to your upper chakras is through the heart chakra. In order to have a balanced life it’s important to have a good balance between your lower chakras and your upper chakras.

When you learn how to work with your heart chakra, you can take advantage of your more spiritual side while also staying grounded to the earth.

Upper Chakra Dominant People

  • Enjoy meditating
  • Do yoga
  • May have money challenges or issues with sex
  • Easily connects with spirit
  • May appear scattered

Lower Chakra Dominant People

  • Great manifesters
  • Good at making money
  • Not so good at connecting with spirit or visualizing
  • Grounded to the earth and pro-active and consistent

Building a Heart Bridge

womanClose your eyes and start breathing deeply. Continue breathing deeply for two to three minutes – long enough to start the flow of energy moving in your body. Notice how the energy feels as it moves through your body.

Now focus on your heart chakra, and spin the energy until it feels like it is flowing smoothly. Allow the energy of the heart to start building a bridge of light. Imagine this bridge of light like a transparent traffic bridge. Begin connecting this bridge of light to the lower chakras first. Imagine the translucent bridge connecting to the solar plexus chakra by visually connecting the green energy of the heart to the yellow energy of the solar plexus chakra. Notice how the beautiful green color of the heart blends in with the yellow energy of the 3rd chakra.

Move the colors green and yellow back and forth on the bridge of light until you feel like this connection is strong and vibrant. Now begin to make the connection to the sacral chakra by imagining the green and yellow energy connecting with the vibrant orange energy of the 2nd chakra. Notice how this bridge is now beginning to form with its colors of green, yellow and orange. Move all three colors back and forth on the bridge of light visually connecting the heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras.

Move the energy down to the root chakra, by blending all of these colors into the 1st chakra. Continue forming this bridge of light blending all of the colors, green, yellow, orange and red all together on this bridge of light.

Now imagine the multi-colored bridge moving down through all the lower chakras, down through your legs and into the earth. Ground yourself by visibly connecting this bridge of light deep down into the earth. Feel how grounded you feel and how strong this connection is.

Now begin moving the energy back up your body and back up through the earth. Move the colors back up your legs through the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. Next move the colorful bridge of light up into the throat chakra. Watch as the color green melds into blue as the colors join.

Keep moving this bridge of light up your body, up through your brow chakra, imaging the blue melting into a deeper and darker indigo. Keep moving the colors up, forming this bridge until it reaches the crown chakra. Watch as all of the colors blend together forming the complete bridge of light.

Now imagine you can move up even higher, by willing your energy up through the top of your head, and see how far you can will it to go. See your bridge of light connecting with other people’s bridges of light and finally connecting to spirit.

Feel the rise of your energy as it moves up your body and up into the sky. Take the energy from above and move it back down into your body, feeling the powerful descent of energy back down the spine. As you inhale move the energy up and out, and as you exhale cycle the energy back down. While you are enjoying this cleanse of energy, keep imagining your bridge of light becoming more vibrant and strong.

Stay here for 2-5 minutes and when you are done, just enjoy the wonderful feelings.

If you want to practice manifesting something, imagine your bridge of light connecting with a universal web of light as you visualize what you want, need or desire. Everything is energy so the more you practice building your bridge of light and connecting it out into the universe, the faster your energy will start attracting these things back into your life.

This is a great exercise to practice every day, because it can help you clear and balance your energy. Working with your chakras and the law of attraction is easy, when you take the time each and every day to focus on those things you want to bring into your life.

Do this exercise as often as you like, for the best results.

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