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While you may be familiar with the seven main chakras and their position in the body, you may not be as familiar with the extended chakra system, or the advanced chakra system.

As more people advance spiritually, these extended chakras begin to come into your awareness. Some may equate these advanced chakras to the higher self while others see them as the gateway to other spiritual dimensions.

The Eight Chakra – Seat of the SoulAstral Pathways

The eighth chakra is known as the seat of the soul. The eighth chakra sits above the top of your head, above the all-important crown chakra, but it’s not one you probably think about on a day-to-day basis.

You could think of the eighth chakra as the first of the spiritual chakras. In terms of its position it is thought to be located about two feet above the crown chakra, over the top of the head.

Some believe that this chakra is the point where spiritual energy and divine love enter the body so you could think of this chakra as the gateway to spirit.

As your awareness expands, you may become more aware of how this beautiful chakra works. The eighth chakra is the energy center of divine love, spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. This chakra is also said to hold karmic residue and to help activate spiritual skills in the other seven chakras.

When this chakra begins to expand and open up, you may notice a new spiritual awareness or start to see yourself as more than a single body of energy.

When your eighth chakra begins to activate, you may attain new spiritual abilities including the possibility of being able to achieve things like out of body projection or astral projection.

If you are hearing about this chakra for the first time, there may be a reason for it because it may mean that you are becoming more spiritually aware.

The Ninth Chakra

The ninth chakra is thought to contain your soul’s blueprint and your ability to learn from lifetime to lifetime. These various abilities, contained within the advanced chakra system, may even lie inactive, as they await release.

As more energy is focused into spiritual pursuits, the advanced chakra system comes into play more and more.

The Tenth Chakra

The tenth chakra is thought to be related to divine creativity or the synchronicity of life. Each of these upper chakras builds upon the previous chakra and the tenth chakra is no exception in the fact that it helps unlock the skills contained in the ninth chakra.

Some even believe the energy of this chakra can even help you tap into abilities you may have had in previous lives, which is a fascinating thought.

When this chakra starts to open up, you may feel like your life just starts to click, which is a pretty great thing.

The Eleventh Chakra

This chakra has been called the pathwork to the soul. It has to do with your ability to acquire advanced spiritual skills such as teleportation, time travel etc.

Before you go rushing out, trying to get more information on opening up this chakra, it’s important to be aware of the fact that it may take you a number of years to get to the point where this chakra is completely opened up.

When the eleventh chakra starts to open up, you will more than likely start to notice or become aware of the larger picture or you may start to look at yourself as multidimensional.

The Twelfth Chakra

Both the eleventh and twelfth chakras take the longest amount of time to open up. The twelfth chakra will not begin to open up until the eleventh chakra is fully open.

It can take as long as seven years for all of these advanced chakras to fully open, but it also depends on your level of spiritual awareness.

The twelfth chakra is said to contain the source of your individual strength and power and your ability to create change both on the physical dimension and the nonphysical one as well.

Connected to something called the Monadic level of divinity, this chakra connects you to the cosmos and beyond.

Alpha and Omega Chakra

Spa stones

There is also something known as the Alpha and Omega chakras. The Alpha chakra, which sits about 6-8 inches above the head and two inches forward from the center, is said to connect you to your immortal body of light within the fifth dimension.

The Omega chakra, which is said to be located 3 to 4 feet below the physical body under the feet, is thought to connect you with the planet in a holographic manner.

When both the Alpha and Omega chakras are open and operating correctly, you are thought to experience something known as the “Waves of Metatron”, which are said to move through your inner column of light.

One of the reasons you may not normally be aware of this information is that the energy of the advanced chakras can be quite confronting. When you seek to gain an understanding of these powerful energy centers, you can then let go of old attitudes and patterns that may be holding you back in life.

Your main chakras are meant to help you with your earthly development while the advanced chakras can help you become one with the universe. As you beome more aware of the advanced chakras, you move away from your center or self and move closer to the larger framework of the community and to other people and to other realities within the divine.

If you have been involved in chakra work for a while but aren’t as familar with the advanced chakras, take heart, because attunign yourself with these highly evolved chakras takes time.

Opening up to these higher energies is a natural process and not one that should be rushed. One thing you don’t want to do is to try and open up a spiritual center prematurely.

If you have a desire to open up to the energy of the advanced chakras, that may be a sign that you are ready to learn more because the teacher will often appear when the student is ready!

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  1. Reply Sue

    Really interesting, have been listening to Diana Cooper and now this has come up.
    Serendipity – know what to do now.

  2. Reply Adam

    For a few years now, I’ve been working in the basic seven chakra system. Coming across these additional 5/7 has been the best discovery of the year. I will continue meditating and working to open and become permanently aware of these advanced chakras. Thank you for sharing this on the web!

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