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As you know, the 7 chakras run down the length or your spine, and each one links to a part of your make-up and being; some relating to your physical self, others to your emotional self and some to your spiritual self. Connected to your chakras is your aura, which is the soft magical, ethereal glow that surrounds your body. It’s almost like an egg-like shape and the glow of your aura is nourished by the energy of your chakras.

What’s not so well known though is that as the energy flows through your whole system, a special kind of glow is created. This glow actually takes on different colorful hues.  Though these colors are faint, they can create a beautiful halo around your head and body.  It’s this aura which acts as a magnet to attract certain people and situations to you through the amazing law of attraction. On top of that, the colors in your energy field can change from day to day, depending on your moods, emotions and external things.

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You can actually figure out your personality type by the color of your aura. To figure out your personality type by color, we have a guide below. Each color can tell you a lot about yourself so let us know if its accurate or not!:

1. Blue – this type of person is balanced, capable, decent, intelligent, warm and compassionate. Generally speaking, you are a relaxed, balanced and healthy person. Reason and logic come easy to you and you rarely have emotional mood swings. You are kind to others.

Pros – You are kind, compassionate and logical. You’re also an overachiever. Meeting goals comes naturally to you, and you are successful in most of your endeavors.

Cons – Sometimes you are too trusting, and you sometimes take for granted that others are ruled by their emotions and can be irrational. Not everyone is as stable and logical as you.

Professions – Blues are often professors, teachers, lawyers, politicians and doctors.

Color mates – Green. The gentle sensitivity of the greens compliment the quiet acceptance and healthy attitude of the blues. This is a match made in heaven. This relationship is usually peaceful and harmonious.

2. Red – strong, aggressive, controlling, ambitious, materialistic. You have a Type A personality and you create order out of chaos. You are very successful in business and you have a taste for luxury and the finer things in life.  But many people find you intimidating.

Pros – You are ambitious, successful and often wealthy or at least quite comfortable financially. You are also a born leader and other people listen when you speak.

Cons – You can be jealous, competitive and angry.

Professions – Reds often hold careers in business and finance.  They are often top executives and they usually make most of the important decisions in their companies.

Color mates – Believe it or not, but reds and yellows usually go together quite smoothly. The yellows bring some fun and pleasure into the reds’ lives and they show them how to relax, let go and how to enjoy themselves. The yellows mellow reds out a bit and they are not too intimidated or annoyed by the reds’ faults because they themselves are so easygoing.

3. Yellow – joyful, fun, mellow, freedom-loving, active and adventurous.  Yellows are the life of the party, or they are at the very least, way fun to hang out with. If you are a yellow, everyone usually likes you and you bring joy wherever you go.  You are also adventurous and you love roller coasters, bungee cord jumping, zip lines, trekking into jungles and jumping out of planes.

Pros – You are pretty happy go ‘lucky and you like to enjoy yourself. Others like you quite a bit.

Cons – You are often lazy and you do not excel in school or at work, etc. You often do not have quite enough money to fund your many adventures.

Professions – Yellows often work in amusement parks, at restaurants and in the hospitality industry.

Color mates – Yellows are so personable and fun-loving that they often attract reds. They mellow out the more intense sides of the reds and because yellows are more submissive, these two colors tend to get along swimmingly.

4. Orange – uplifting, absorbing, intense. Oranges tend to be enthusiastic, fascinating and stimulating, which draw others to them. But on the flip side, their intensity can bring rapid mood swings and they can be unpredictable.

Pros – You lift people’s spirits and are often kind and generous. You are very personable and you talk to everybody.

Cons – You can have mood swings and some oranges are emotionally unstable.

Professions – Oranges often work around people in professions such as retail, customer service, and as airline stewards and stewardesses.

Color mates – Oranges are a bit of a wild card in this department. They are not a perfect match to anyone, but you will most often see them with reds. They can often uplift the spirit of reds and these two colors often have similar values and personality traits, but watch out for explosions, as both of these colors are quite intense and the reds often cannot stand the emotional instability of the oranges.

5. Pink – warm, sensual, sexual, loving and feminine. If you are a pink, you love the idea of love and sex and emotional connection are your two highest priorities.

Pros – Pinks are great in bed, but they love to connect and snuggle with their lovers, too. They are warm, kind and compassionate and they have lives filled with love and companionship. They are also kind to animals and they are, of course, very very flirty.

Cons – Because pinks are so hung up on love, they often forget that they need to make a good living, clean the house, etc. Their whole focus is on the chasing and the obtaining of love, sex and sensuality.  They do not have a balanced view of the world.

Professions – Pinks are often actors and actresses, interior decorators, and, because of their sexual prowess, sometimes they even work in the adult industry.

Color mates – Pinks go very well with purples. Creative people are very emotional and they love to feel needed and loved. They are also very sexual by nature, so the sparks and the intensity seem to fly when these two colors get together.  Pinks love to nurture and they are often quite fascinated by the artistic and creative natures of the purples.

6. Purple – magic, mystery, mystique, creative, sensitive, emotional, sensual, sexual and loving.  Purples are very unique and special. They are wildly creative, intensely emotional, loving and kind, yet sometimes mysterious and hidden. Purple has always been the color of royalty and indeed purples bring a lot to the table. Mostly, they are very artistic and everything they do they do with flair and panache.

Pros – Purples are creative, kind, compassionate and warm. They have a deep understanding of other people and they are very accepting.  Purples excel at the arts.

Cons – Purples can be too sensitive and they are prone to isolation and hiding from other people. They can be very shy and they can have very serious social problems. They often enjoy their solitude more than they enjoy social gatherings.

Professions – Purples almost always work in the arts. Actors, directors, celebrities, singers, dancers, painters…..if it is creative, you can bet a purple is doing it. Purples also run art galleries and write for major magazines and newspapers.

Color mates – Purples actually go best with other purples! Purples thrive on creativity and they truly appreciate the artistic spirit of their lover if that person is also another “creative.” In such a partnership the creativity thrives and often one becomes the muse of the other. Purples also understand the emotional depths of the other and since they crave emotional intimacy and intensity (and sometimes drama), a purple will never be lonely with another purple. Purples also go well with pinks. Both colors appreciate their sensual/sexual relationship, and both can love each other in a deep way. Together they are thoughtful and generous and sensitive to each other’s needs. Pinks can also be quite taken by the creative talents of the purples.

7. Green – You are peaceful, low-key and a natural healer. You are also sensitive and have a gentle touch. Some greens are Empaths; people who easily absorb other people’s energies and thus get drained easily, so learn how to protect yourself from emotional vampires.  Greens love to garden and indeed they enjoy any activity where they can nurture, grow and sustain a living, breathing creature. Greens love animals and they are also humanitarians who often volunteer their time in soup kitchens, with the homeless or with battered women.

Pros – You are kind and you have a most gentle touch. You like to heal and soothe people, plants and animals. You are a good and decent person who believes in equality for all.

Cons – You can easily be drained by other people, as you want to help everyone. You need to learn how to create boundaries and you must also learn that you cannot solve everyone’s problems.

Professions – Greens are often farmers, writers, psychologists or social service workers.

Color mates – Greens go well with blues. Greens appreciate the intellectual stimulation and these are both emotionally-balanced colors, so a partnership of this kind often is harmonious. Blues appreciate the green’s kindness and they are taken with their ability to heal. These two colors are often liberal in their ideologies, and so they can have stimulating debates on topical subjects.

So there you have it! The 7 most common color personality types.  Most people that you meet will fall into these categories, but there are a few other minor colors that will occasionally come up in your social landscape. Indeed, you may occasionally run into the following:

Turquoise – These people are dynamic, energetic, friendly, empathetic and approachable.  They are also excellent at organization and managing situations and people. Many mid-level bosses and executives are turquoises. Indeed these people can inspire others to do their very best and to excel in many areas.

Indigo – These people are very spiritual and they have an intense relationship to the Divine.  They often have a higher calling and they are on a spiritual journey that will lead them to enlightenment. They often inspire others to be intuitive and to strengthen their ties to a holy being.

Summer abstract backgroundCrystal – These people are very rare indeed. Crystals are highly intelligent, very ambitious and they are absolute perfectionists. Crystals want everything done right and in a certain way. They are logical and they have amazing organization skills. Yet, they are also prone to intense, mood swings and they are very emotional. Crystals are unique because their logical sides collide with their emotional sides and they are always and forever seeking just the right amount of balance. Should you become acquainted with a crystal, just know that they are very dynamic and they will pull you into whatever drama, whatever situation or whatever mood they happen to be in.

Now that you have the low-down on all of the colors that are represented in the auric field, you should get a color reading and determine what your dominant personality traits are. You should also evaluate the pros and cons of each color and from there, you can establish what kinds of people you will do best with.  So much of life is finding those positive people that bring out the best in you.  For example, if you are a blue, stick to greens and yellows…..people that have similar traits and value systems as you. Remember that in your manifestation work, you need to stay positive in order to attract positive situations to you. Keeping the right people around you will rid your life of unnecessary drama, baggage and dark matter. Just stick to the positive and you will be good to go. Good luck on your life’s journey!!

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