Releasing And Cleaning Powerful Emotions (Chakra Cleaning Exercise)

Beautiful woman thinking in front the seaYour chakras are an amazing thing but sometimes it can get clogged because of extra energy from your emotions. You might have good intentions and actively feel good all the time, but even then it’s easy to forget that your chakras still need cleaning just like your body does. Keeping your chakras open is one of the best ways to get rid of those strong emotions that may be holding you back in life. Life can get pretty busy and it’s easy to get caught up in stress and aggravation of it all that a chakra clean can make all the difference.

There’s a lot great techniques out there, but this simple little process is a great one because it’s so easy to do. Every time you do this you will notice you have more energy. What you are really doing is lightening your vibration and making things easier for you.

You can even do this little exercise on other people; you just have to make sure you do a little ritual afterwards (like rinsing your hands in a bowl of water or shaking them off to clear the energy.)


Easy Chakra Cleaning Exercise

  1. If you’re a woman, start by putting your left hand on your forehead, with your palms on the forehead. Spread your fingers so you can “receive” the energy. If you’re a man, you would use your right hand instead but do the same thing. If you plan on trying out this with someone else, keep your hand about two inches away from the person’s body at each chakra location but do the same thing with the fingers spread and palms facing towards the body.
  2. Next, tell yourself to literally release every single thought, feeling and emotion that you have never been able to show outwardly into your hand. You might notice a tingling feeling or some other kind of sensation as you do that. Just leave your hand on your forehead until you feel like you have released everything.
  3. Now move your hand down to your throat. Tell your subconscious mind to release into your hand ALL the times you have been hurt in the past for speaking your truth and all the times that anyone has criticized you for anything. Release all the energy from anything you weren’t able to express and any time you wanted to scream or shout, but didn’t. You can even release words you said in anger or words you wish you hadn’t heard.
  4. Now move to your heart chakra and do the same process. Just hold your hand in front of your heart and feel how much love you have for yourself. This is your inner self-shining. Stay here as long as you like and feel comfortable before moving on.
  5. Now move your hands down to your third chakra, your power center. This is located just below your breastbone and above your waist. This chakra is the chakra of power and control and your dealings with other people. As you hold your hand on this area, repeat to yourself “I am in control of my mind and body” as many times as you need.
  6. The next spot is the second chakra, just below your belly button. This chakra has been called the Seat of Consciousness and it contains your female and male energy. As you hold your hand on this area, repeat to yourself “I am exactly whom I choose to be, not what society or my parent’s or religion or anything else tells me to be. I choose to be exactly who I am. I am a woman (or a man) and I have the power of the feminine (or masculine) within me.”
    1. This chakra allows you to balance out your feminine and masculine energy. You can choose to be anyone or anything you want to be, in this moment. You can choose to be masculine, if you need to, or pull in more feminine energy.
  7. Now move your attention to your root chakra by putting your hand at the “v” of your legs. Do this in whatever way feels comfortable for you. If you’re working on someone else, just be careful not to touch him or her.
    1. Feel yourself pushing out into your hands, all the old feelings, thoughts, and emotions ever imprinted on you or through you. Release anything you may have forced on someone else as well. Push out any kind of energy that doesn’t feel like it belongs anymore. Just stay here until you feel like everything has been released.
  8. Now take one final breath and try and view yourself from a spiritual/higher perspective. View yourself as a multi-dimensional being. See your crown chakra opening up to the light of spirit. Feel your energy being infused with light. Move that bright light all the way down your body. You can even imagine yourself sitting on top of your crown chakra, or sitting on top of the thousand-petal lotus. Notice how free and light you feel. Stay here as long as you need to do.

And that’s it!Happy young woman on cold beach rejoicing

This is actually a neat exercise to do in the shower but just make sure you have enough time! You can also use your hands to scrub your energy at each chakra location. After you scrub each chakra, take a few minutes to move your hands in a clockwise direction at each point up and down your body to get your energy moving again.

In the shower, you can also imagine the warm water moving all the old, stale energy out and down the drain. Imagine the water from the shower is just like the white light that comes from spirit.

Take as long as you need to release anything that you need to let go of. If you’ve got a lot of emotions built up, you may even feel like crying so go ahead and cry, because it’s a good thing! If you feel like laughing, go ahead and laugh! And at the end stretch your arms out as much as you can and just move your body enjoying this new clean feeling.

By the end, you can now see all the colors in your chakras spinning and glowing brightly so its definitely worth it. Just take a little bit of time every day or as often as you think to combine this little ritual into your bath or shower – because it’s a great way to start yourself out on the right foot.

The truth is, clearing your energy doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and a 5 minute exercise can be just as good as a long hour session. Just remember to clean your chakras every once in a while at least.

Good luck!


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