Re-Visiting The Laws Of Vibration And Attraction

We all know about the law of attraction, but the truth is, very few are actually able to apply it effectively to improve their lives. In this e-mail we’re going to re-cap on the laws of vibration and attraction, and how to truly use them effectively. This is not your typical law of attraction hype so please pay attention, as it can make a big difference to your life.

The Law Of Vibration Means That People And Places Count

The laws of vibration as we know are about energy, because energy vibrates. Everything is energy and vibration, including people and places. If you want to attract the right people and places, you need to get into those places to start with, because the energy of those will rub off on you.

People count and places count. That means it’s a good idea to get around winners, people who are going places, and people who have the things you want. It means moving to the right country, city or part of town so you can get into a positive and enriched environment, helping to draw those things to you. Moving to the rich part of town and shopping in stores that the rich do will help draw wealth to you.

Moving to a spiritual place and living like spiritual people will draw that to you as well.

If you’re looking for health, go to a natural whole foods store or a health conscious gym. It’s a very different vibration from a hospital or clinic. Whatever you’re looking, think about what you could associate with more, and do that. It will change the whole trajectory of your life!


Energy Is More Important Than Hard Work And Trying To Be Smart

Make a habit of getting up early every morning as that will draw your mental energies and make them stronger. For some it’s easy, but for others not so. You’ll be helped with this if you get into the right environment.

Living out in the sticks with no one around you sometimes doesn’t really motivate you to get up. The same could be said about living in a cold place…cold mornings makes you want to curl up in bed!

As your mental energies improve, you begin to access the subconscious more and make its powers come out. You get better ideas, your body and health improves and you feel more positive and optimistic about life. All of this is good, and it will help you.

Hard work is less effective unless you concentrate and focus with your mind and draw its energies out. Learn to concentrate and keep your mind sharp so that you can move forward with progress in anything you do.

Go For A Morning Walk Or Get Morning Exercise To Get Your Energy Moving

Morning walks are brilliant for getting your juices flowing and making you ready for the day. The same is true of early morning workouts. Even a 5 minute walk around the block before you head off for the day can work wonders for your productivity.

Thinking About What You Want Only Works When Your Energy Is Strong And Moving

The law of attraction is about thinking about what you want and seeing it as something that is already normal for you. The trick is, whatever you feel as normal in your mind is what you’re going to drive into your life.

This works best though if your mind and energy flow is strong. It leverages your efforts so you get more results in less time. Energy and getting around the right energy is like the fuel that makes things work.

That’s it for now!

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