Money As A Force Of Nature

This is from our Manifestation Intelligence newsletter..about how to attract amazing amounts of prosperity and abundance into your life….enjoy!!


Money is a powerful energy.

And if you understand how energy works, you will understand how money works. Energy really is the essence of what makes the universe go round. The laws of energy and the laws of mind are the central manifesting powers to getting anything you ever wanted.

Think of the raging sea and how huge it is. The waves come crashing down against the shore, with the mouth of the sea and the size of the water scaring anyone who dares to go nearby.

Money is pretty much the same in size: its an energy as huge and powerful as the sea. There is more than enough money in the world to make your eyes boggle and fall out!

When it’s used wisely and effectively, it’s a powerful tool that can keep opening doors for you. When its used destructively, it’s also powerful for the wrong reasons.

Money can only be allowed if you allow it to come to you. Here are 4 tools that will help you manifest amazing amounts of money:

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Step 1: Create new beliefs about money.

The way you think about money is either bringing it closer or moving it away.

Think new thoughts about money and make them into simple statements you think about every day. It sends new suggestions to your subconscious and changes your wiring. It change your internal vibration and what you attract.

Some powerful statements are:

“Money comes to me from multiple sources on a daily basis”

“Everything and everybody prospers me now”

“I prosper wherever I turn”

These are famous statements you can use to turbocharge your money. Don’t say them – THINK them..thats where the power the actual thoughts.

Step 2: Think how good it would be to double your income, double your profits and double your net worth!

Do a fun exercise in your mind and notice what happens. Think about more money coming into your life over the next few weeks and months. Whether it’s your bank balance going up, numbers on a screen rising or getting cheques in the mail, however you want to see it, see the money coming in!

Think about your business profits going up and everything getting better and better, every single day. Think about your income doubling and how nice that would be to have more money in your pocket and bank.

Thinking the thoughts opens the doorway to making it happen..for real.

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Step 3: Give and be of service. Give so you can receive!

You can receive huge amounts of money just by figuring out how to compliment the laws of energy, but if you want to increase your overall money trajectory, the law is you have to give if you want to receive.

- Give and be of service….
- Go the extra mile for others…..
- Set up a business and charge for goods and services, making them cheaper, better and faster than anybody else!

The more you are of service to your fellow human being and the world around you, the greater will be the prosperity you can attract into your life.

The truth is, you will draw into your life what your mind and energy allows you to draw. You will receive because the Divine has created laws that allow you to receive, when you get into the right flow of things.

Step 4: Get into the vibration of abundance!

Associate with those who have abundance. Move to the business part of town and hang around in the affluent and posh areas! The beauty is that the energy and vibration of those places will rub off on you, making you vibrate at the same level!

Once you get into the swing of the vibration, you will start to feel amazing changes taking place in your life. Your mind and body will start to feel sharper, you will experience more results, and everything just gets better and better!! This can be the ultimate source of abundance for you, and it’s definitely worth it.

That’s it for now…we hope you enjoyed this message!

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