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In addition to the seven major chakras that are located up and down the spine, you also have several minor chakras. While you may not hear about the minor chakras as much as the major ones, that doesn’t make them any less important.

The seven major chakras, although the most commonly known, are in reality part of a larger system that includes minor chakras as well as a system of advanced chakras.

The advanced chakras 8-12 are not nearly as well known as the primary chakra system, but they are also part of the overall chakra network that runs through your body.

The minor chakras include multiple energy centers located in the palms of your hands, knees and the soles of the feet, amongst many other places.

Each of these secondary chakras is related to the network of primary chakras, and they also align with specific vertebras of the spine.

Palms of the Hand

The chakras in the palms of your hands contain very powerful sensors and they act like little channels of vibration and energy.

Some think that the left palm receives energy while the right palm sends energy back out; however, it might be different for you.

You can use the chakras in the palms to scan your aura for hot spots or areas in your energy that are need of re-alignment. You can also use the palms to send out healing energy to your body or to objects like crystals.

Many energy practitioners use the chakras in the palms to channel spiritual energy for healing, and it can be a very effective method. Practices like Reiki use this method to attune the body.

The hand chakras are thought to be located at the center point between your thumb and your index finger. Some people also feel that the palm chakras are located in the center of the palm.


The knee chakras are located in the hollow of your knee joint and they are thought to be associated with fears that can influence your progress in life. Stimulating your knee chakras either by stretching or doing a practice like yoga can help you increase your flexibility helping you move closer to your goals.

Soles of the Feet

The chakras on the soles of the feet are located in the center of the arch of the foot. These chakras help you maintain your connection with the earth itself and they also help you balance your Earth energy with the cosmic energy, which is received through the crown chakra.

Other Minor Chakras

There are also chakras in your eyes, ears, thymus gland, clavicle, breasts, solar plexus, spleen and liver. The stomach and ovaries or gonads also contain minor chakras.

The chakras are like doorways that connect you to spirit and they can help you in many areas of life. Energy created from emotional and mental influences flow through the chakras helping them expand and contract. The energy that flows through the chakras is also distributed into the body’s cells, tissues and organs.

Grounding Yourself to the EarthLifestyle. Attractive girl with tablet

The plantar chakras, the chakras under the soles of your feet help keep you firmly rooted to the ground. If you feel disconnected or dizzy, you can use these chakras to ground yourself back into the earth by placing a stone like a hematite under the soles of your feet for ten minutes a day. Be sure to do this while sitting, as opposed to walking.

You might even feel a tingling in your feet when doing this, which is a good sign that the process is working!

Holding and Cradling Chakra Exercise

A neat exercise you can do to use the palm chakras is something called holding and cradling. Feeling thankful and grateful can go a long way to boosting your well-being and energy. Having a sense of gratitude lifts your energy and it can help you channel energy through the chakras.

Try holding your hands over your third chakra by bringing your elbows to the sides of your body, hugging and cradling the solar plexus chakra like a baby. While you are holding and cradling the 3rd chakra, bring your mind’s eye into the chakra and breathe deeply. While breathing focus on sending thanks and gratitude to this all-important power chakra thanking it for its service. Be open to however your body chooses to respond.

The solar plexus chakra can get overused with a busy lifestyle, so taking the time to offer it praise and thanks can go a long way to healing.

Connecting Two Chakras

As you evolve, your communication amongst your chakras becomes more attuned and open. Sometimes it may be necessary to connect two chakras, so that additional healing can take place. For example, your heart chakra may need more of the protective energy of the solar plexus chakra or the throat chakra may need a creative boost from the more creative sacral chakra.

It is quite natural for two chakras to interact, but there is a way to physically connect them using the minor chakras in the palms.

Try placing your right hand on one chakra and the left hand on another. Keep your palms in place for two to three minutes, allowing the energy to merge and flow into one another. Some say this experience is quite intense, and even prayerful, but your experience may vary.

Don’t’ be surprised if you hands start tingling while you’re doing this, because that is one sure sign that the energies are connecting. Your hands and your palm chakras act like mini jumper cables, helping you connect to other energies within your body.

Your chakras, both major and minor, help you bring energy to every organ and system in your body. All of the chakras are part of a complex network of energy that flows through your body at any given time. Since everything is connected, any work you do to open up a chakra helps the entire chakra network as a whole.beautiful young woman listening to music on a digital tablet sit

Working with your chakras can leave you feeling more centered and grounded and it’s also a great way to revive your energy. Becoming more aware of your chakras helps you align with that deeper part of yourself.

Learning more about the chakra system outside of the seven main chakras can be both enlightening and fascinating and there is no limit to the magic you can create as you delve deeper down into this amazing network.


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    How can I remove 13mm gallstone from my gall bladder? Which chakra is directly associated with gall bladder?

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    Accordnig to this website, “Physically, [the 3rd or Manipura chakra] supports your liver, pancreas, gallbladder, stomach and spleen.”

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