Learning To Control Your Thinking And Feelings

One of the most useful and powerful ways to activate and balance the chakras, is to balance your thinking and feelings. As you begin to feel calm and harmonised in your emotions, you set things up in the right direction and can begin to manifest better outcomes.

In this post we want to talk about a few things you can begin to use, to truly help your manifesting move forward:

1. The most important and essential habit is that of early rising.

If you make your mornings count, you will get ahead and make lightning progress to your goals.

But at the same time, you can also streamline and release a whole load of energy in your body. Your subconscious mind gets fully activated and your results increase.

If you’ve found early rising difficult, it’s actually incredibly easy when you get a few steps in place. For example, you could try putting your alarm clock under the bed and seeing if that works for you. Having 3 of 4 different bell alarms (instead of digital) can make a world of difference. Set the alarms 5 minutes apart from each other to give you some room.

The act of getting out of bed and moving around will give you the momentum to rise.

Thinking positive thoughts in the morning, opening the curtains quickly and keeping your eyes open also works. Even keeping one eye open and the other closed is a funny yet excellent way to very slowly get up in the morning.

Going for a morning walk is also extremely useful. It gets your juices flowing and sets your mind in a positive direction. There are so many ways you can explore to make sure you get out of bed.

You could try changing your eating habits. Lots of healthy fruit and vegetables and wholesome, gluten free foods are an excellent way to reset your body and mind. It makes your energy and mind calmer, helping to create restful, high quality sleep.

2. Take more deep breaths and create a pattern interrupt

Taking lots of deep breaths is an excellent way to create a strong pattern interrupt in your thinking. It resets your mind and makes you feel easier and more relaxed.

Going for a short stroll and walk is also excellent for changing the pattern of your thinking. Taking a good lunch break and going for a stroll in the park or somewhere nearby is great for resetting your system.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and view things from a different angle. The hustle and bustle of day to day life can make big changes to our habits of body and mind so learning to reset this is a big plus.

5 minutes of deep breathing per day is an excellent way to reduce traumas and reset your system completely. Try to breathe through your diaphragm and lower stomach area. Take long slow deep breaths, with a calm mind, and let yourself fall into total bliss.

3. Follow a plan

When your life operates by design, you can move quickly to anything you truly want to achieve. That is the beauty of operating by design. Its being organised with your life and the progress you make in it.

The weekends are a brilliant way to assess and monitor your progress. It allows you to step back and see what’s really been done with your life.

4. Learn to live in the moment, and place your attention on the here and now

Living in the moment is the same as meditation in action. When you are meditating in action, you are constantly able to move forward and harness the power of your subconscious mind. This is why living in the moment can be so powerful.

Another reason is it stops you constantly thinking about the future or the past. It releases you from the past by placing your focus purely here. It also makes you detached from the future and emotional dependency on future outcomes. The mind was designed to focus in the here and now and putting all your attention on the present puts you back into your most powerful state. Try it and see. It will take time and practise to get into the habit of things.

5. Let go and move on

Sometimes you can be holding onto something without even realising. Learn to let go and move on. Things which you think are important don’t have to be. When you just let go, you free yourself and your energy completely.

Try the steps above and see what they can do for your chakras. They are gentle tips that will change your inner vibrations.

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