Law Of Attraction Re-Visited

Today we’re going to talk about the law of attraction. Most people don’t get what the law of attraction truly is, or why its important. The law of attraction is always working whether we like it or not, and whether we strive to compliment it or not. This article will list a few pointers to put you in the right direction to manifesting your dreams.

1. Getting up early every morning and making this a concrete habit is fundamental to the law of attraction. Other people won’t emphasise this all-important and crucial point, which is why the law of attraction doesn’t work that well for many people.

Early rising is the fundamental habit which makes the law of attraction truly work for you. With early rising, you can reach the highest levels of the law of attraction extremely easily. All it would take is getting up on time every morning, and then working on your action-plan for the day, day in and day out.

This is exactly what successful corporations and any successful person in any walk of life does. Everybody knows that work starts at 9am or 8am and employees are generally expected to come to work in the morning (and that’s not to mention CEOs and highly productive people who get up at 4.30-5am). Sure, there are night shifts, but there is ALWAYS somebody or a dedicated staff function somewhere thats starts working in the morning. This isn’t an accident. If everybody came to work at 11am every morning, the whole world would be completely different. We probably wouldn’t even have had an industrial revolution in the 19th century and we’d still be living in an agricultural society.

The reason society has changed so much in the last 200-250 years is because of a change in sleeping habits. Previously, a lot of the world used to follow a Middle Eastern type of model, where you would get up quite early in the morning, stay awake for an hour or so, and then go back to bed, to awaken around 11am or midday again for the rest of the day. That was because Islamic civilization dominated a lot of the Middle Ages and people would rise early in the morning to pray. After the prayers were done, they would go back to bed and do most of their real work later on in the day. This waking cycle through Islamic Spain prevailed throughout Europe and the West.

After people later switched to getting up only once, instead of twice, that’s when society really started to change throughout Europe and the rest of the world through European colonialism. Britain had an industrial revolution and a new working class was created, who would go to work in the morning and perform labour intensive tasks. The rate of global manifesting increased massively through this time, because people got up and allowed the power of their thoughts and mind to bind and get stronger without sleep and going back to bed again getting in the way.

What getting up late does is make your mind more hazey, foggy and less able to bind. As we know, our thoughts binding and moving in a straight line is what causes manifestation. As the thoughts bind and get stronger, we tend to meet situations and circumstances that resonate and compliment the thoughts you’re getting. You are able to be more productive and use the resources you have to greater affect. You move quicker and faster to your goals, and you get more ideas, better creativity, concentration and focus. These are all building blocks that allow for manifestation to take place.

So, the take away here is to make a habit of getting up early in the morning. To many it may seem counter-intuitive or even against their nature, having to drag themselves out of bed like a chore, or pressing the snooze button and leaving it as late as possible (or even sleeping in). It can be solved though by using an effective alarm, keeping your eyes open (instead of closed) and setting some real goals you want to achieve. Having a clear idea of why your getting out of bed and what your goals are for the day will act as a fuel to get your body moving.

2. Writing out your goals, making a list of daily actions and reviewing your progress weekly will activate the law of attraction

Most people think the law of attraction is some airy fairy type of technique that you use, and then something magically happens out of the blue, but this isn’t true at all. The airy fairy side is just the hype and marketing of the law of attraction, because very few people truly understand what it is. If you write out your goals, you bring it to the attention of your subconscious. Writing it out regularly will help to nourish and grow the seeds planted in the subconscious and allow a full plant to blossom. Thats why regularly watering your plants and protecting the seeds (through writing your goals) will grow a full scale manifestation.

Having a list of daily actions is important because it keeps your mind on track, to fulfil the tasks you’ve set out. If you just go from pillar to post in a day and leave everything upto your mind, you won’t gain true high levels of productivity and your thoughts moving nicely from one thing to the next. Writing out a list and then just rattling it off will make a huge difference to your progress. Writing out your list for the day the day before and spending 45-60mins per day on that list (in terms of coming up with it) is you thinking new thoughts that build structures into the subconscious, creating the spark for manifestation.

Reviewing your progress is just an extension of the two points above. A review every week keeps you on track and helps to plan certain things in the subconscious which in turn draws things forward for you.

3. Thinking deliberate new thoughts that you didnt before is essential to the law of attraction

The law of attraction works best when you think above and beyond the level you are at just now. By thinking new thoughts, you change your life trajectory and allow new things to come into your experience. What you see as normal in your mind is how your life is going to unfold. So it’s super important to think about the goals you want and see them as normal and natural for you. If you see it as normal, you’ll start to draw that into your life automatically. If you just think the same way as you were before, nothing much is going to change. You have to step up and realise the power of your thoughts above everything. .

Think of the perfect relationship as being normal for you (because it is). Think of multiple streams of income coming in on a continual basis (because thats normal for you now too). Think of perfect health and fitness. Think of all the good foods you eat, the good people and friends you have, the opportunities you have and how all the good things are normal for you. What you see as normal is how your life is going to be. See the new things you want as being normal for you and existing in your life already, and the manifesting will come quickly.

This is what they mean when people say “you become what you think about”. Its actually a very confusing statement that doesn’t make much sense. But what they mean is that you draw into your experiences what you see as normal to you. So if you see having lots of money and wealth as normal to you, its how things are going to be in real life, and so on for everything else like health, relationships, spirituality.

4. Become a giver. Those who give are those who get

Giving works best when you have the 3 points above already in check, otherwise you might be giving from the wrong “position” and have it working less. Even then, giving at any stage can create a doorway and unlock new things for you. It’s important to give, because only by giving can you receive. This is a law enshrined in the laws of living, many of which are mentioned in the Biblical Book of Proverbs.

Give your expertise. Everyone is good at something, so by sharing and giving of that expertise, you can enrich someone else’s life massively. Give in charity. A smile, a thank you, a polite word, a compliment is all you may need. A bunch of flowers to a friend, showing your appreciation for other people and going the extra mile in your work and service is also a brilliant way to give.


That’s it for now! If you apply these steps, your whole world will transform for the better. Try them and see..

To Your Success!

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