Identifying Chakra Energy Flow Plus Chakra Quiz

Your body is an overflowing fountain of energy and you really don’t need any special powers to see or test it. In fact, you can use energy testing to quickly see which of your chakras are blocked and which ones are flowing great.

The truth is, every fibre of energy in your system is unique and you can learn to read it with a few simple steps so you can totally transform your life.

Here we’ll talk about about how to read your body’s energy using your hands. That gives you a good basis to figure out what state your chakras are in and what you can do to change it. We’ll end with a quiz to give you written feedback on how your chakras are doing.

Detecting your body’s energy

This exercise is great and once you get used to it, you’ll see and feel the difference. Your hands can sense energy just like your eyes; it just takes a little practice.

Here it is:

Rub both of your hands together quickly for several lifestyle woman

  1. Now hold them apart with your palms facing each another about 6 inches apart.
  2. Play around with your energy by slowly moving your hands back and forth

Try this exercise with your eyes open, then with your eyes closed and see if you notice a difference. You should feel some kind of magnetic pull between your hands. Keep moving your hands back and forth, until you feel like you are holding a ball of energy and that the energy is magnetic. Play around with this energy and notice how it feels. It may feel like a round ball or some other shape. Whatever you feel, that energy is personal to you and is you connecting to the greater energy within.
Using your hands to test your chakras

Now that you can feel energy with your hands, its time to take it one step further. Believe it or not, you can use your own hands to test your chakras and find out what state they’re in. We all know that the energy in each of your chakras spins. So if you imagine your chakras are a clock facing away from your body, the energy should be spinning clockwise.

To start off, try scanning your hands at each of the main chakra points on your body. You can start by lying down with your legs stretched out in front of you. Now rub your hands together briskly and shake your hands to ready and calm your energy for the

  • Start at your root chakra by taking one of your hands and cupping it over your root chakra holding it about 2 inches above your body. Now move your hand up and down slowly until you sense the “flow” of energy. This might take some practice, but it does work.
  • Continue moving up your body at each chakra location.

You can also literally spin the energy at each chakra. This is fun because you can do it as much as you want. Starting at the root chakra at the base of your spine, use your hand to spin the energy in a clockwise motion. As you do this, you can literally imagine the color for each chakra spinning and spinning. Do this until the colors appear bright and clear in your mind’s eye.

If you sense a blockage, you can actually spin the energy counter clockwise to clean it. Imagine as you’re doing this that you are spinning out debris. Spin for as long as you need. Shake your hands out after each chakra to clear the energy.

If you want to or feel like you need to, start out by moving the energy counter clockwise first all the way up and down the body. After you clean your chakras you can then start over by spinning the energy clockwise.

This little simple routine can work miracles for your energy and you don’t need any special tools. Pendulums work well for this too, but just make sure you take a few days to hold your pendulum so it can connect with your energy before you start using it. You can position the pendulum right above each chakra and notice how it swings. If it swings clockwise your chakra is open. If it swings the other way, you may have a blockage.

Chakra Quiz

So, we end with the chakra quiz and this quick little multiple choice section will give you valuable feedback on how you are doing in all these different areas of life. There’s 7 questions here and each will reveal something different about you. The important thing is to answer to the best of your ability.

  1. How do you feel about your place in life as it has to do with safety and security and basic needs?
    1. I feel confident that all my needs are being met.
    2. Things are OK, but they could be better.
    3. I feel like I need a lot of work in this area.
  2. Do you feel in touch with your sensuality/creativity?
    1. Yes, I am very confident in both my sensuality and creativity.
    2. One or both of these areas could use some improvement.
    3. I feel like this area of my life is on life support.
  3. Do you feel excited about life and your sense of personal power?
    1. Yes, I feel like I have control over my personal power.
    2. I feel in control of my personal power some of the time.
    3. No, I feel like I have no control over my sense of personal power.
  4. Are your love life and/or family relationships thriving or just surviving?
    1. Thriving – I trust people and love people.
    2. I am in touch with my emotions, but my love life or family relationships need work.
    3. Barely surviving – I feel like this area needs a lot of work.
  5. How do you feel about your ability to communicate effectively?
    1. I am a great communicator.
    2. Most of the time I communicate well, but I could use some work.
    3. I am a terrible communicator, – people often take what I say the wrong way.
  6. Are you tuned into your intuition?
    1. Yes, I rely on my intuition to guide me in life.
    2. I am working on my intuition through things like meditation.
    3. No, I don’t see how this is relevant in my life.
  7. Do you feel attached to a spiritual connection of some kind?
    1. Yes, very much so.
    2. This is something I am always working on.
    3. No, I feel disconnected from any kind of spiritual guidance.

If you answered mostly (a’s) your chakras are probably open and flowing good. If you answered mostly (b’s) you may need some work in some of these areas. A lot of (c) answers mean that your chakras are most likely blocked or closed, and they probably need some attention.

As you probably already figured out, each number represents a chakra, working from the root chakra up. This quiz may be simple, but it covers the basics.

Anyway, that’s it!!

Try these simple little tips the next time you feel like you need to clear and center your energy. Use your intuition to guide you when doing exercises likes these and use the method you feel the most comfortable with.

Good luck!

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