Grounding Your Aura

With the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s easy to become a bit ungrounded and this can actually leave you feeling tired, scattered, or even unbalanced. This affects your chakra flow negatively so one way to help with that is by refreshing your aura a little bit.

Here’s a powerful exercise you can try! It only takes a few minutes and it can help you to stay in the right frame of mind so you can take on every challenge and adventure through the day!

Let’s get started.

Part I: Connecting with the amazing powers of Earth EnergyYoung girl doing yoga (lotus pose) in the park

This exercise will have you connecting with the amazing powers of Earth Energy so its natural goodness and abundance can flow through you, replenishing your aura and chakras.

  1. Start by finding a quiet place to relax for a few minutes

When first learning this exercise, start off by sitting in a chair or on the ground because you want to try and be somewhere where you can feel connected to the earth.

Second thing is that the way you want to do this for now, is to practice with your eyes closed and rolled upwards. After a bit of practice, it will become second nature, and once that happens, you’ll even be able to perform this meditation while standing in line at the supermarket or even while walking the dog!

  1. Focus on your breathing during the session

The truth is, every meditation begins with the right frame of mind. So when we become aware of our breath, we center our mind in the body and focus our energy for the right effects to come about.

Here’s what to do – when meditating, try breathing into your belly. Then in through the nose, out through the mouth. Remember to place the tip of your tongue just behind your teeth. By doing this, you move into the state of mind where your energy becomes responsive to your thought.

  1. Next, visualize your root chakra

The root chakra is our connection to the stable, solid energy of the earth. What you want to do next after the 2 steps above is to see a ball of red light centered on the tip of your tailbone. Picture this light running up the length of your spine. Let the red color radiate out through your aura, saturating your energy field with ruby light.

And with each inhalation, allow the red light to intensify. With each breath out, let go of any stress and tension that you have built up during the course of the day.

  1. Growing Roots time

Now its time to grow the real roots – as you breathe, watch the red energy of the root chakra descending down from the base of your spine into the earth. If you have your feet on the ground, picture your energy flowing through your feet as well, growing roots deep within the ground.

  1. Tap into the Earth Energy at last

A this stage, with each breath in, see your roots growing deeper and thicker, extending to the very core of the planet. With each breath out, feel the solidity and abundance of the earth energy flowing into your field.

Energy can be thought of as being a two-way street. So, as you extend your awareness consciously into the earth, the vibration of the earth energy fills your field, grounding out negativity and stabilizing your energy flow. Amazing or what?!

A happy man sitting on the peak of a mountain with hands raised

  1. Sinking into the Mountain

To top it all off, you can see yourself standing on top of a mountain. For that, visualize a cord extending from the base of your spine into the center of the earth. As you watch, imagine that the earth rises to embrace you and you merge with it.

With each breath in, the roots of your energy become thicker and stronger. With each breath out, you sink deeper into the loving field of the earth. Feel the deep thrum of vital energy filling your field.

Part II: Connecting with the Cosmic Light

So, with that exercise on connecting to the earth done, heres another one! Time to connect to some Cosmic Light!

  1. Opening the Energy Highway

While your energy body is surrounded and protected by the embrace of the earth energy, see the light of your energy traveling up the spine. The light changes colors as it rises, shifting from the ruby red of the root chakra to orange, yellow, green, sky blue, dark, blue, and finally violet as it reaches your crown chakra.

  1. Connecting with the Heavens

Watch the violet light of your crown chakra energy stretching into the sky. This cord extends until, far above you, it connects with the core of the heavens, the center of all intelligence and guidance of the Universe. As you inhale, visualize the string of energy that connects your field to the heavens becoming stronger and clearer.

  1. Filling Your Aura

Hear and feel the energy of the heavens like the clear ringing of a bell, traveling down the violet string to fill your aura with a sense of lightness and focus. As you watch, the energy of the heavens saturates your aura, making the energy highway of your spine more distinct. Your inner sight sharpens, and your inner hearing becomes more acute. You can feel the bass rumble of the earth mingling with the starlight bell of the heavens, blending vitality and precision into a beautiful unity.

  1. Rising Up

See the whole energy system, from the core of the earth to the core of the heavens. You are a point of connection between the energy of earth and sky. Your field extends out to encompass all of creation, while remaining firmly rooted in the earth. As you focus on the energy of the violet string extending from your crown chakra, you see yourself rising out of the ground, pulled into open air by the energy that sings along this violet string. You emerge from the embrace of the earth to stand once again on the top of a mountain.

  1. Returning to Your Body

Bring your attention back to your breath. With each inhalation, feel your awareness coming into your fingers, your toes. Feel your mind quickening and your awareness of your body becoming clearer. With each breath, your mind becomes more engaged with the world around you. Notice the air on your skin, the sounds around you. Count your breath upward from one to five, activating your body more with each count. Open your eyes, feeling calm, collected, and peaceful. Your energy is now fully grounded and your aura is linked to the earth and the heavens, creating a powerful field of health and vitality. Your mind is clear and attentive. Your body is both relaxed and fully energized.

This may be a bit complex at first, but each time you practice it, it will become more natural. If you practice this meditation each day for a week, you will find the exercise becoming easier and the effects more powerful. To get the most benefit, practice the grounding exercise after activating your chakras. In the next article, we will look at using the energy of a single chakra to speed healing, improve concentration, or tap into your intuition.

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