Get Through Challenging Times By Relying on Your Chakras

Use These Easy Steps to Create and Fill Your Palmful of Power

Life’s Challenges

Life is full of challenges. Everyone knows that. Ultimately, everyone seems to expect difficult moments to rise up again and again throughout their lifetime. Unfortunately, the majority of people continue to be unsure of how to handle the stressful bumps along the path called life. Instead of realizing they have the power to tap into their own personal strength, they fall into a victim mentality – “Why me?” “Why would God/the Universe/Creative Source do this to me?” “My prayers are going unanswered!”


The truth is that youbalance – and only you – have more control over your life than anyone or anything else. The key is to remember how to access your inner strength and inner power. You absolutely do have amazing positive energy within your reach. You absolutely do have the key to open the floodgates and allow the positive vibrations of beautiful strength and conscious, joy- filled power to flow into and throughout your life. This flow will fill the voids and wash away the negative energetic vibrations. Yet, when you’re in the moment – in the midst of pain and strife – your humanness can get in the way of remembering how to use the key you have to said floodgates.

The Floodgates

You actually have numerous gateways. These gateways are your seven main chakras. When you open the gates and encourage healthy flow, you’ll be able to overcome any barriers you encounter. Barriers are basically obstacles that prevent movement. But instead of seeing them as heavy, immovable obstacles, view them like floodgates as mentioned above. A floodgate is a closed door or gate that holds back a substantial flow of something very powerful. They’re very strong, but not impossible to open. You just need to know how.

Palmful of Power

With that said, here’s the deal. If you’re experiencing a truly rough patch in life right now, don’t expect to magically wash all of the negative energy away in one sitting. That just isn’t realistic. Living a human life as a spiritual being, you must recognize the importance of merging your metaphysical practices and spiritual practices with your physical, human reality. When you do that you’ll be able to not only access your inner strength and power, but you’ll be able to create a palmful of power to use whenever you need it.

How to Create Your Palmful of Power

1. Gain awareness of your biggest stress. What is the one thing that is causing you the most stress right now – at this very moment? It may not even be the biggest overall issue you’re facing, but it is causing you tremendous turmoil at this very second. It’s why you’re reading this article.

2. Which chakra is most closey related to this particular stress? As an example, let’s say you have deep concerns for your civil rights in the near future. You have a fear of belonging, of being accepted, of being able to show your true self to others. You’re afraid you won’t have control over your own life. This relates to your solar plexus.

3. Young woman meditating on the coastFocus on that specific chakra. Close your eyes and envision the area of your body where this chakra is located. (The upper abdomen in the stomach area for the solar plexus.) Think of the color that coordinates with that chakra. (Yellow for the solar plexus.) Place and hold your attention on that area of the body while simultaneously envisioning your favorite hue of that color.

4. Breathe. Take in three breathes slowly and deeply. Hold each breath for a second or two at the top of the breath, then release it slowly and fully.

5. Support your chakra with healing light. Imagine a brilliant light filling that specific chakra. This light will brighten your chakra. Continue to imagine the light filling it until it seems too bright to look at in your mind’s eye. Allow your mind’s eye to adjust to the intensity and adjust it to a level so you can look at it again.

6. Place your palm over this chakra. Put the palm of your dominant hand just over this chakra. Focus your mind on your palm. Continue breathing in slowly and deeply, as above, while placing your attention into the palm of your hand.

7. Open to the energy to flow. Move your attention to the specific chakra you’re working with. Begin to transfer energy between your chakra and your palm. Allow the powerful energy of the spiritual dimensions to pour through your chakra into your hand.

8. Close your palm. Once you feel your palm is full, close your hand into a gentle fist. Take your hand away from your chakra with the knowledge that you’ve brought forth the spiritual power that you need to deal with your current situation.

9. Open when needed. When you need this power, place your palm in front of you, look into your palm and imagine it offering you the support you need. This allows you to tap into your inner strength and power on the spur of the moment. 10. Refill as needed. Repeat this exercise as needed, so you can refill your palmful of power.

You may choose to fill both palms when doing this exercise. Your non-dominant hand can be filled as well, but use it when you don’t need as much strength from this particular chakra or in this particular area of life. Use the dominant palmful when you feel an overwhelming need of support to get through a tough spot.

This is an exercise that you can do daily, weekly, monthly or perhaps only annually. In fact, it is a powerful exercise that you can turn into a ritual. Do it as a ritual every morning before you get out of bed. Do it as a fullmoon ritual each month. Do it as a New Year’s Eve ritual to prepare you for the upcoming year.

When opting to do this exercise in a way that offers you the opportunity to carry this palmful of power with you for longer periods of time, you may wish to extend the exercise. Take at least 20-30 minutes of time and repeat the steps to this exercise for each of the seven chakras. Being able to carry and access your palmful of power whenever and wherever you need it can transform your challenges into wins!

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