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If you’ve ever wondered how to improve your success and connect deeper within, then listen up. You have an amazing energy field around you called an aura and this literally influences massive areas of your life.

Here’s an example – if something affects you emotionally, like becoming stressed, hurt, or affected by negativity in any form, our aura becomes blocked or imbalanced. That in turn affects the energy we give out and what comes back to us in our life.

This is why its so important to keep your aura clear. When you clean it, it helps you become happier, healthier, more confident and then some!

Let’s get into some meat here and talk about some things you can do to help clear your aura.

Young beautiful woman smiling and lying on the grass1. Spend time in Nature

The earth is an amazing source of energy, abundance and nourishment and it needs to be respected and connected with if we’re going to live fuller lives. Here’s some things to try:

a) Spend your lunch hour outside instead of sitting at the desk or indoors. For example, a walk in the park is amazing for letting go and relaxing.

In a situation like this, you can take off your shoes and have your feet touch the bare earth. Its amazing how much stress and anxiety is released from a simple exercise like this – try it and see how amazing it is!

b) Appreciate nature more. Take notice of nature around you, bring nature into your home (e.g houseplants) and make a habit of getting out into the park, beach, countryside or 0utdoors as much as you can.

2. Embrace The Healing Power of Water

There is a saying that water is life and its true! It washes away the negative energy we collect during the day and fills every cell we have with youth and vitality.

Salt water has amazing healing properties. A swim in the ocean or a salt-water bath can be a fun and relaxing way to restore your healthy energetic balance. Some things to try – the flower essences of Angelsword and Fringed Violet can be combined and included in bathwater to cleanse and heal the aura.

For a more potent cleansing technique, combine the energy of water with the power of visualization. When showering, see the water as a waterfall of white light. You can focus your intentions with the following affirmation:

“This beautiful water, the element of birth and nurturing, is cleansing me inside and out. It is healing me and transforming my entire being into light.”

Beautiful arab woman breathing fresh air in the beach3. Love What You’re Doing

Following your passions is one of the biggest ways to have the energy of love and light flowing through your body.

Love itself as a vibration is very high so it has the effect of neutralising any lower vibrations and energies which might have got stuck in your aura. So, one thing you can do is simply think about loving thoughts and projecting love outwards in your thinking. These loving vibrations are enough to clean huge chunks of your aura.

4. Exercise more!

Exercise is one of the most amazing ways to completely change about your whole mind, body and spiritual system. With exercise, you get amazing chemicals and endorphins rushing through your system and that helps you feel alive, energised, super happy and alert!

And when that happens, anything lurking in your aura can simple melt away from the massive amounts of confidence and positivity coming from your core.

Any type of exercise is fine here – like running, swimming, cycling, rowing, yoga, all types of sport etc – so long as it gets your heart pumping and your body moving, is perfect!

5. Breathe

Breathing is a powerful technique to cleanse and heal your aura and it doesn’t take that long either.

All you need to do is take a bit of time each day to sit quietly with your back straight. Inhale through the nose, slowly and steadily for a count of five. When you’ve filled your lungs, hold the breath for a count of five…and then exhale slowly through the mouth for five counts. To end, hold your breath with lungs emptied completely for a count of five.

You can repeat this cycle nine times, feeling the life enter with each breath in and the stress leave with each breath out. This technique is great for giving life to your aura and purifies your field.

Well..that’s it for now! We hope you enjoyed this post!

4 thoughts on “Five Simple Ways to Clear Your Aura

  1. Reply Shukla Kar

    Your wonderful article is a process of rejuvenation to this physical body, and beyond this physical body an inner guide to nurture our souls! Truly enjoyed reading every aspect of it, as I always find myself relating to our mighty powerful nature. Once, in a course of extreme negative situation in my life, I have been in touch of a healing power through my meditation. Through my third eye, I have experienced this powerful light, moving like a fast paced ‘Chakra’. I have investigated it with a scholar of very high esteem. He said that I have been touched by the ‘Divine Power’, for that people meditate over years! Whenever, I sit for meditation in a calm, and serene place, I still witness that radiant light (more like Aqua color) through my third eye. Everything you said here, I do relate to it naturally, given an opportunity to be in direct touch of Nature! This is the very first time, I shared my divine touch with anyone! Please let’s help as many souls, we can help, because it is the work directly related to Almighty God! My sincere appreciations!

  2. Reply M hughe

    Loved reading this and although i know what yo do this is like a reminder. Thank you. Xxxx

  3. Reply Akpan Udofa

    God bless you

  4. Reply Mary Pettridge

    I enjoyed the breathing excersize. I find that being attuned to my higher self while breathing can bring me closer to God Consciousness. Practising meditation helps me determine my higher self and will. Then I can determine which direction to take if that means more physical exersize than I direct my consciousness to get ready for it. I love feeling like I am taking action towards a heathier Spirit and expressing these few words helped me do that.

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