Create Unconditional Love for Yourself

Why Self-Love Matters

C37Time and time again you’re told to love yourself. Gurus, meditation facilitators, spiritual counselors and other spiritual authorities continually tell people and personal growth seekers of the importance of having compassion and love for yourself. This is not new information, but it’s true to say that anything you’d classify as a failure, or a misstep or a lack of achieving great success are most likely directly related to a lack of self-love….

It’s actually a vicious circle. You start out confident and ready to take on the world. Then, you experience a failure. You’re told you aren’t good enough or that you will never succeed because you’re not capable of doing so. Your self-confidence waivers. Eventually, you lose faith in yourself and any love or compassion you had for yourself is slowly stripped away – like the layers of an onion.

Once you reach the point of viewing yourself as unlovable and unworthy, how are you supposed to regain your love for your personal being? Is it really possible that you can magically snap your fingers and, poof, everything is okay again? Probably not very likely. But, there is another option that connects to a more magical realm and a more magical way of thinking and a more magical way of being.

Recognizing Slow Functioning Chakras

As you most likely already know, self-worth, self-love and compassion for one’s self are directly related to your solar plexus chakra and to your heart chakra. There are a number of ways to cleanse your chakras when negative energy has been blasted toward them.

The first step is to recognize whether or not that particular chakra is working on a slower vibrational level and spinning at a slower revolution.

- Find a comfortable place in which you can spend at least 10-15 minutes of quiet time.
- Sit with your back straight, one hand over your heart chakra and one hand over your solar plexus chakra.
- Breathe in slowly. Hold the breathe for a second at the top of the breath. Then release it fully and deeply.
- Repeat the slow breathing as you bring your focus to your heart chakra.
- Pay close attention to it. Do you sense that it is moving slowly or sluggishly? What do you sense – emotionally, mentally, physically, intuitively?
- Once you’ve gained information about your heart chakra, move your focus to your solar plexus chakra and repeat.
- Upon recognizing any deficiencies with the vibrational level and/or revolution of each of these chakras, slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings.

Reenergizing Your Chakras

After you recognize any concerns with either or both of these two chakras, you can prepare for a cleansing and healing meditation to increase your level of self-love and compassion for yourself.

- Return to a comfortable place and make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing. As before, make sure you can have at least 10-15 minutes of quiet time – no interruptions from family, friends, co-workers, cell phones, etc.
- Hold your dominant hand in front of your heart chakra as you bring your awareness to that chakra.
- Begin to breathe slowly and deeply.

- I2Move your hand in a small circular motion just in front of your heart chakra. The motion of your hand should move away from your dominant arm to start. If you’re right handed, the circular motion will move towards the left side of your body, circle downward, move toward the right side of your body and finally circle upward to the top once again.

Continue this motion until you feel you need to release any negative energy. To do so, simply pull your fingers and thumb together, pull the negative energy from within your chakra and flick it away. Repeat this process as many times as you feel is necessary.

Open the palm of your dominant hand and keep it facing your heart chakra. Envision a bright light coming into your hand, then flooding into and filling your heart chakra. You may see the heart chakra as green, but allow it to become brilliant as the bright light moves from your hand into the chakra.

- Repeat this process with your solar plexus chakra and perhaps the color yellow.
- When you’re ready, bring your awareness back to your physical environment and slowly open your eyes.

This is a process that you will likely need to do repeatedly until you begin to regain higher levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and compassion for yourself. Do not expect it to fix everything in one sitting. Understand and appreciate that it may take you numerous sittings to shift your overall energy while cleansing your chakras of negative energy and re-energizing them with brilliant love and light from the spiritual dimensions.

Move Gracefully Through Personal Challenges

When you raise the vibrational level of your heart chakra and your solar plexus chakra you increase your ability to handle strong criticism and the uncalled for behavior of others. You also enhance your ability to move gracefully through your personal failures.

It’s perfectly okay to fail, to make mistakes, to experience unpleasant moments in life. However, it’s vital that you have the ability to move through these situations in such a way that allows you to learn as a human being and to expand on a soul level.

Unconditional Love for You and Your Human Experience

Using this quick and easy method of recognizing a slow functioning heart chakra and a slow functioning solar plexus chakra gives you the power to develop deeper compassion for yourself. Ultimately, it gives you the opportunity and the strength to withstand life’s difficulties while experiencing great self-love – unconditional love for you and your human experience.

This practice will most likely help you become more aware of the lack of self-love that others have for themselves. When you can see that, then you will better understand that their harsh criticism of you is not really about you, but about themselves.

Open your arms wide. Now, wrap them around yourself for a much needed self-hug.

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