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There are so many amazing ways to open up your chakras, but sometimes the simplest ways are easily the best.

Every day, our modern lives mean we run into people and situations that zap our energy or throw it in the air, so clearing your chakras is something you can really benefit from on a regular basis. If you’re looking for a new way to open up and clear your chakras, you’re going to love this one. And if you’re not sure what chakra to work on either, or you just feel like doing a general cleansing, the exercise you’re going to learn is great too.

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To begin this exercise, start by sitting in a comfortable position. You can either sit with your legs crossed or sit in a straight back chair. Next, take a few nice deep breaths to clear your energy and relax completely. Its always best to breath from your stomach because that way you can take in more air (and shallow breathing from your chest doesn’t give you enough depth).

Next up, scan your body all the way up and down with the palms of your hands and see if you sense or feel any areas that are out of balance. You may sense dark spots in your energy or just get a sense that a particular area is cluttered or dirty, but its also OK if you don’t sense anything. Over time you’ll start to get more intuitive on how certain parts of your body should feel, so the more you do this exercise, the greater will be the energy sensitivity you feel in your hands.

Imagination Begins

Now that you’re settled, you want to begin the imagination part of this exercise by taking a moment right now to imagine yourself somewhere calm and peaceful. You might imagine you’re sitting in a lovely field of flowers or sitting in the middle of the rainforest for example. Just pick somewhere you find relaxing and which you’d love to be a part of.

Now imagine above your head is a beautiful rainbow of color. Visualize each color as you look at the rainbow, starting with the color red (which is the same color as the root chakra). Move through the band of colors in your mind and take a moment to stop and absorb each color as you go.

See the colors bright and clean….moving from red….to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, and finally to indigo and violet.

Now imagine someone is standing above you, pouring these beautiful bright colors into your body, like the finest freshest cream you can imagine being poured into a beautiful cup of coffee. Your body is the receiver of light just like the cup is the receiver of the cream.

Imagine the thick, bright and beautiful colors being slowly poured into your body. Notice how your body is clear – and how you can see right through it. As the thick creamy liquid color is poured down into your body, watch how it swirls around and around, like soft serve ice crème being poured into a cup.

Move through the chakras

Start at the root chakra now with the bright color red….and work with that color until you notice it is bright and clear. See the color red filling up your legs and root yourself into the earth. Swirl the color round and round and notice how safe and secure you now feel!

Next. move up to the 2nd chakra, and the color orange and watch as it is slowly poured into your body, swirling around and around. See the color orange, just like a beautiful sunset, filling up your abdomen. Keep imagining the colors like thick crème being poured into a cup. Work with each color until all of the impurities have been dissolved away.

Keep moving up your body and work with each color slowly and deliberately.

Watch as the color yellow is poured down into your body, and swirl it around until you sense it is clear and bright. Move to the heart chakra, with the beautiful color of emerald green. You can also imagine little flecks of pink being mixed in with the green, like sprinkles on an ice crème cone. Keep swirling and moving the colors round and round, until all of the energy starts mixing together. Feel the powerful energy of the heart and send out love to everyone you know.

Continue now with the throat chakra and the color blue, and notice how all these bright beautiful colors are penetrating all the empty and open spaces in your iridescent body. Keep swirling and moving the color up to the brow chakra and crown chakra, changing the colors from blue to Indigo to violet.

Notice how beautiful your body looks with all of the colors stacked, like a colorful ice crème cone.

When you are ready, imagine the thick creamy liquid is now being transformed into a pitcher of the cleanest, clearest water you can imagine. Pour this water down into your body, until all the colors run clear. You can also see yourself standing under a waterfall if that feels right.

Take as long as you need until your energy is clear and bright. You may need to spend more time in some areas than others and that’s totally and completely normal. Every time you do this little exercise, your energy will become lighter and brighter and you’ll notice the effects in your day to day life!


Finish the exercise by willing the golden colored light from its source down through your body. Bathe in this spiritual light, spending as much time as you need.

Finish by sealing each chakra up by imagining each chakra like a beautiful flower closing up its buds for the night.

young asian woman relaxing in the parkWow!! Wasn’t that amazing? This kind of simple exercise can make you feel totally amazing and it’s easy to do and fun to imagine. It can also be done during your daily meditation or even on your lunch break so it doesn’t need to take that much time either. For an added twist, try listening to environmental sounds like the sound of the ocean waves, a gentle spring or waterfall, or the early morning birds singing. Connecting to nature like this is amazing for truly embracing deeper levels of connection to nature and your true genuine inner source of light and love. You can get free sound apps on your cell phone or online to help you out here with different sounds.

The best way to keep your energy moving and flowing freely with true freshness is to do something every day to keep things clean. Your energy is like a magnet, attracting things all around it. And if you end having a particularly stressful day you’d rather forget, try doing this exercise at night just before you go to bed.

The truth is, we are really multidimensional beings in a multidimensional world, so the more you can see yourself as the beautiful, spiritual being that you really are, the more your life will change for the better.

And don’t forget to share these tips with someone you love so they can enjoy it too! Hopefully this exercise gives you another unique way to clean and clear your energy – just something to help you as you go about your day – good luck!!



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    Great exercise and with practice easy to make part of daily routine to improve and live a stress free life. I love it and will make it part of my regular routine.


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