Aura Healing and Cleansing – Five Steps to Change Your Aura

Your aura can give you tremendous insight into your spiritual personality. Your aura is of course that invisible energy field that surrounds you and it can help you manifest things into the physical world. By understanding how your aura works, you will find it much easier to make long lasting improvements.

The aura is kind of like an invisible shield that surrounds all living things. Animals and plants have an aura just like people, just something to keep in mind the next time you take a stroll outside or walk your dog!

Some people can see auras, whereas others cannot. Don’t be too disappointed if you can’t see your aura, with some practice you will be able to do so with no problem. Your aura is like your energy imprint and it’s important to keep in mind that there are multiple ways to sense your aura from literally seeing it, to sensing it or feeling it.

The aura has several layers and it will change color depending on your mood or circumstances.You may want to start with something small like a houseplant initially, so you can practice.


Tips for Seeing Your Aura

Ever wanted to see your aura? Now you can! Here’s an exercise you can try to open up the doorways to seeing your aura and enlightening your spiritual pathways for true abundance and prosperity

First, begin by spending 5-10 minutes fully relaxing completely and take your time with this. You’ll find that its difficult to see your aura if you are tense or distracted.

  1. Dim the lights. The lighting should be dark enough to see the aura, but not pitch black or bright white. You may want to position a light on one side of a mirror.
  2. Stand in front of a lightly colored or solid background if you are able to.
  3. Take some deep cleansing breaths and try and relax your mind and body through the power of your breath. Continue breathing until you feel a sense of peace and calm take over.
  4. If working with a partner, try and not stare directly at them. Try squinting your eyes and allowing your sight to become blurry.
  5. If you are working alone, try standing in front of a mirror. Adjust your vision by allowing your eyes to go slightly out of focus. Try staring at the area just above your head and shoulders; you should be able to see some kind of thin white glow around your head.
  6. The more you practice, the more of your aura you will be able to see!

Aura ColorsBunte Frauen bewegen sich im Kreis

The more you work with your aura, the more definition and color you will be able to see. There are multiple colors when it comes to your aura ranging from pure white to red or gold. White and gold are considered two of the highest colors and they symbolize purity, and a spiritual or visionary soul. Oyster white, which is white with a tinge of yellow is supposed to symbolize the soul is steadfast and trying hard to learn certain lessons. Crystal white, which is said to be the purest form, shows that your soul has acquired complete mastery showing a blend of strength, vitality, determination and perseverance.

A gold aura represents wisdom, self-confidence, faith, inner strength, illumination and a strong protective energy. Those with a gold aura know who and what they are.

Silver is the energy of spiritual intelligence. Those with silvers auras are said to have keen powers of perception and a quick alert mind. Silver auras can also represent someone who is happy thinking for himself or herself.

A bright blue aura signifies integrity and sincerity and those with a blue aura may even be involved in the arts. Light blue signifies obedience and fulfillment of duties and the color aqua is a very healing color with a high vibration. Primary blue is also a strong healing color.

Turquoise is the energy of prosperity and abundance of everything from friends to material goods. You can also use the turquoise light to help build a wealth and prosperity consciousness. A person with this kind of natural energy in their aura tends to think in unlimited ways.

Pink is the color of love and those with pink in their aura know how to express love devoid of jealousy and bitterness. Pink is the expression of universal love and it represents joy, comfort, compassion, and human love.

Green is a color that represents growth and renewal. Emerald green shows a person is balanced and it also represents harmony of the mind and body and soul. Pale green can represent sympathy and an apple green shows new spiritual hope, loving service and cooperation.

Lemon yellow is a representation of the power of concentration. Those with lemon yellow in their aura will embrace a subject and devote themselves to it until mastered. This color might also represent artistic endeavors, creativity and scientific pursuits. Yellow can also represent a healthy mind, body and spirit. Both yellow and orange can be very optimistic colors as well.

Orange in the aura can mean someone has a strong motivation, enthusiasm and good organizational skills.

Red in the aura can mean vitality and energy. Red also represents passion and those with high aspirations. The color red can be very invigorating and it can also represent a feeling of warmth and desire.

Violet represents serenity and calmness while purple is said to represent deep peace or one that is highly religious. Indigo is an extremely high color and can represent inner strength and a purely spiritual nature.


Five Steps to Change Your Aura

Relax – never do this work when you are angry or upset. Do some deep breathing to calm and center your energy.

  1. Establish some kind of protection like surrounding yourself with the white light of spirit.
  2. Do a quick chakra clearing exercise by willing the white light down through your body through each of the seven chakras spinning each of the energy centers until their energy feels clean and refreshed.
  3. Connect with your higher self by envisioning your higher self at a point 24 inches above your head. You can also say a short prayer such as “Heavenly father/mother, I raise my consciousness into yours and ask that I become one with you.”
  4. Pick any healing color you feel you need more of at any given time. Will the color through your higher self down through each of the chakras. See and feel the light as it enters your body and begins its healing work. For example if you felt discouraged you could will the colors orange and yellow into your body since they represent hope and optimism.
  5. Sit for a moment and gather your strength and thank you higher self and anyone else you desire for the effort and cooperation.

There are many variations when doing this kind of work. You can incorporate any kind of prayer or healing ritual you desire depending on your religion or faith. The most important thing is belief in the work you are doing, so be sure to come to your session with belief in your heart. The power of the auras is very strong and you might be surprised at how quickly you begin to notice changes when doing work such as this.

Don’t get discouraged if all you feel is a tingly warm feeling, because the energy of spirit is very subtle. The more you practice, the better you will get. Good luck on your healing journey!

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