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 Have you ever heard of a poverty consciousness? If you are struggling with a lack of funds or resources, you might in fact have something called a poverty consciousness or that feeling like there is never enough to go around. Don’t despair if you feel this way, because many people do. Believe it or not, working with your chakras can go a long way to helping you build up a wealth mentality!

A poverty consciousness can occur through mental conditioning. You might have grown up thinking for one reason or another that obtaining wealth was hard. For many of us this kind of thinking is a natural occurrence so much so that we begin to accept that this is just the way things are.

The great thing about metaphysical work is that it can help you build a wealth consciousness and it’s a simple practice to begin. Wealth and prosperity are in essence a spiritual condition so the only reason you might have for your lack of funds is a disruption in your spiritual connection that is in need of correcting.

What is Your Money Story?

Before you can build a wealth consciousness it’s important to ask yourself what your money story is. Have you always been told that money is the root of all evil? If so you probably believe that deep down in your soul. If your family always struggled to get by and pay bills, then you will probably repeat that same kind of attitude in your life. The point is that this kind of thinking resonates at a very deep level, but by working with your chakras and your energy you can start to clean up your poverty mentality and start building a wealth mentality.

Take a moment to ask yourself what your money story is by writing down 10 phrases that define how you look at money. You might come up with phrases like money doesn’t grow on trees, we’re poor but happy, money is hard to come by, etc. Reflect on these phrases and ask yourself why you believe them? Whatever you wrote down is your money mindset.

Don’t get upset if all you wrote down were negative things, because it is possible to change the way you look at money by learning to work with the energy of your chakras.

In order to attract wealth and prosperity you need to keep your chakras and your aura clear and balanced. Working with your chakras on a regular basis can help expand your chakras and research has shown that those with wealth often have a very clear, balanced and expanded root chakra. While all the chakras influence your ideas about wealth and abundance, the root chakra is by far the most important chakra when it comes to attracting wealth and prosperity. In essence, your root chakra, which grounds you to the earth, is an important chakra to balance because it is known as the money-making chakra.

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Activities to Balance the Root Chakra

There are many ways to balance and clear the root chakra, let’s look at a few now. For example, you can:

  • Use crystals and gemstones such as red jasper, tiger’s eye, black onyx, bloodstone or any red, black or dark stone.
  • Visualize a grounding cord connecting you to the earth.
  • Literally pound or stomp your feet on the ground.
  • Jog.
  • Wear the color red.
  • Get a foot massage.
  • Stretch or do yoga.
  • Use crystal-singing bowls.

Doing a chakra meditation is also a wonderful way to open and clear your root chakra.

Chakra Meditation for Wealth

Begin to relax by doing some deep breathing. Breathe in and out at least 3-4 times until you feel your energy start to clear. Everything in your life is made of energy, so the best place to begin when you feel any kind of lack is to do a simple meditation to clear your energy.

The more you work with the energy of the chakras, specifically the root chakra, the better you will be able to attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

Continue breathing and imagine yourself in a beautiful sanctuary of some kind. You might imagine you are sitting near a waterfall or in some kind of healing environment like a beautiful beach. Feel the environment all around you; imagine the warm sun beaming down on your skin, warming you with that inner glow. Smell the rich aroma of plants and flowers or the salty sea air as you breathe in deeply.

Imagine every cell of your body is melting into your environment as you take a deep breath in. The color red connects you to the earth and to your survival instinct. This vibrant color brings you health, prosperity, security, and a dynamic presence. You might also find it pleasant to envision the color red as a silk band of color surrounding you. The color red feels warm and safe. Red is the color that flows through your body, and it can help you build a strong prosperity consciousness.

beach at Praslin island, Seychelles

 Now imagine as you sit on the beach or by the waterfall that you are connected to the  earth through a series of roots that stem from your feet. See these roots intertwining and moving down into the earth, connecting you to the rich supply of minerals deep in the earth’s crust. Through the root chakra you are safe and secure and connected to everything of value in this world.

Will the color red up through these roots and move the color all through your body. As the color moves up your chakra system, see it change into a vibrant orange, then to a bright yellow. Imagine the color yellow at your power chakra beaming bright like the sun. Spin the energy until it feels clear and refreshed. Continue moving the color up to the heart chakra turning it into a beautiful soft green. Spin the energy at each chakra point. Continue moving up the body through the throat chakra with a soft blue to the third eye chakra and the color indigo. Finally move the color up to your crown chakra and see the color turn into a beautiful bright white.

Finish up the meditation by moving the colors back down through your body sending them down deep into the earth where they are replenished. Sit and reflect on how it feels to be safe and secure and grounded to the earth where you may connect with the richness of mother earth. Take it a step farther by imagining yourself in a wealth consciousness and feeling secure about your finances. You may want to picture yourself happily paying bills, driving that new car or just feeling secure about your finances or your business.

There are many ways to improve your wealth consciousness; this is merely one of them. You may also find it helpful to repeat affirmations or do other kinds of meditations where you literally visualize yourself feeling calm and confident when it comes to your finances. Keeping your aura and your chakras clean and clear can go a long way to helping you balance out your life. Good luck on your journey ahead!

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  1. Reply Claire

    BIG MASSIVE THANK YOU :-) for making realise yet again to follow advice that Is very familiar and part of me. It’s always a real check point for me when I read and iritterate in my own being, to be kind and easy with my own self, and that only begins from within and then without :-) take time beautiful folks x take time xx fill your self with the biggest love.!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you. That’s beautiful…I’m so visual. I needed this. Perfect timing. No coincidences!!

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    Thank you perfect timing

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    I am grateful for your articles. You are sharing valuable guidance to many, thank you so much. It’s rare these days to see anyone offer helpful information without a price tag, and/or a sales pitch. God bless you always for your generosity Love-Health-Peace-Joy n Prosperity everyday of your life.

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