7 Ways to Boost Your Vitality with Affirmations and Colors

Did you know that color is one of the languages of the soul? Colors can motivate you and inspire you and they can also influence your emotions and moods. While everyone knows that colors can help make a room look nicer, they can do a whole lot more than that for your mind, body and spirit.

If you are looking for a way to boost your vitality, using color is a simple way – combine that with some positive affirmations and you have a winning combination.

Colors have a kind of symbolic meaning, a meaning that is recognized by your soul. Colors can also boost your energy and make you feel amazing, and you can use them literally or figuratively.

You may not think to combine these two ideas, but the effect they can have together is very powerful. The easiest way to use colors and affirmations is to fine-tune them with the colors of the chakras.

The Color Red

Using the color red is a great way to boost your vitality. Red brings warmth, energy and an uplifted spirit in everything it touches. The color red can even stimulate and energize your heart and the circulation of your blood. Red is also a great way to boost your sexual desire, and who doesn’t want that?

Red, linked to the root chakra, is a wonderful strengthening color that causes your adrenal glands to release adrenaline. You can wear the color red for an extra boost or anytime you need to be a little more assertive or passionate.

Visualizing the color red is also a great way to boost your vitality. You can imagine yourself wrapped in a red coat or blanket or even imagine the color red pouring down over you, like a warm bath.

As you visualize this repeat the following affirmation:

”I am healthy and well balanced. My body is safe and secure. I have everything I need to feel vivacious and strong.”

The Color Orange

cReaTive bRaiNThe color orange is also very warm and cheerful. Orange is a good color to stimulate creativity. Orange is enthusiastic and alive with sexual expression and it can also help stimulate your lungs, respiration and digestion.

Orange is of course linked to the sacral chakra, and it is a very optimistic and uplifting color. Try wearing shades of orange as an accent color or even visualizing yourself immersed in a beautiful sunset. If you like water, imagine yourself bathing in a vibrant orange lake.

As you visualize this repeat the following affirmation:

“It feels good to feel good. I enjoy treating my body nicely. I love and respect myself.”

The Color Yellow

The color yellow is probably one of the most optimistic colors there is. Yellow helps to strengthen the mind and stimulate mental inspiration. The color of the sun, yellow is a wonderful color to help with depression because it cheers you up. Linked to the solar plexus chakra, the color yellow is a great way to boost your vitality because it leaves you feeling very happy and hopeful. You can also visualize yourself in the middle of a beautiful yellow flower like a daisy or pretend you are standing in the warm rays of the sun.

As you visualize this repeat the following affirmation:

“I am powerful and strong. I make decisions that further my spiritual growth. I am guided by my own sense of personal power.”

The Color Green

just enjoyGreen – the color of the heart chakra – is a very soothing and healing color. It also helps you feel more balanced and harmonious. Green can be a very energizing color too and it is one of those rare colors that has both an energizing and soothing effect.

Green is a wonderful color to strengthen the nervous system and it can even cure hormonal imbalances. Green brings peace, comfort and hope and it is a good color to wear if you feel like you need more peace and balance.

Try imagining yourself in a soothing green lake or immersed in a luscious tropical rainforest. Another way to use the color green is to surround yourself with plants and flowers.

As you visualize this repeat the following affirmation:

“I am deeply loved. I love and accept myself. Everything I do, I do with love. I allow the abundance of the universe to pour into my heart.”

The Color Blue

The color blue, associated with the throat chakra, is a powerful antiseptic. It is cooling and healing. Blue can heal speech impairments or help calm anger and aggression paving the way for more energy and vitality. Try wearing blue if you have an important meeting or need to make a speech or presentation. You can also imagine yourself floating in the deep blue sea or covered in a beautiful blue blanket or quilt.

As you visualize this repeat the following affirmation:

“I trust in the voice of my higher self. I communicate clearly and effectively.”

The Color Violet

Violet and purple are colors of transformation. These two colors can also bring spiritual enlightenment and new insights. Violet and purple can help sooth mental and emotional stress and help you sleep.

Leonardo de Vinci even claimed that meditating under the soothing rays of violet, like the colors in a church window, helped him to increase the power of his meditation. If you are looking for a wonderful soothing color for spirituality violet or purple are a great choice.

Try wearing these colors as an accent piece or imagining yourself wrapped in violet or purple.

As you visualize this repeat the following affirmation:

”I am open to the light of my higher self and I trust my intuition.”

The Color White

The color white is actually all colors in perfect balance and harmony. White is the color of the awakened spirit and the divine light. Surrounding yourself with the white light of spirit is the easiest way to use white as a healing color. Simply imagine yourself bathed in the most beautiful gentle light you can imagine, and enjoy the uplifting feeling.

White light raises your vibration bringing you harmony and balance.

A wonderful affirmation to use for the color white is:

“I am a beautiful, divine spirit. I live in perfect peace, balance and harmony.”

You can use any of these colors to boost your energy and vitality. If f you find you need a really quick boost, just take a moment to visualize a color surrounding your body. An easy way to do this is to act as if you are standing under the rays of sun, then changing the color to whatever color you want.

Colors are easy to work with and very effective. Combining colors with positive affirmations is a wonderful way to boost your energy any time of the day.


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