This week we are loved up and with Valentines and other days coming up very shortly, now is a brilliant time to improve your love vibration to higher levels!

We can never get enough love. Kindness, caring, compassion, warmth and appreciation are all higher love-related qualities that can make a world of difference for you.

It will release your inner powers of manifesting as well as boosting important things like your health, creativity, productivity and every day life performance!

Learn To Love And Also Say Thanks More Often.

On top of that, learn to say thanks more often and express more gratitude! This is a brilliant way to release any hidden tension and darker energy in your body. It’s a fantastic way to release trauma, reset your subconscious mind and get you vibrating at a much higher level. Say thank you right now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Be genuine about this and notice the difference it makes. As the energy within you changes, so too must the energy vibrating on the outside.

As within, so without. What you vibrate with is what you begin to attract and create in your life experiences.

Learn The Beauty Of Compliments And Bring More Flowers Into Your Home

The vibration of flowers is extremely high, and it can assist with healing, lighting up an area and elevating positive feelings by surrounding it with the vibration of love. It will massively improve your moods and can uplift anyone! 

Start to bring these flowers in and notice the difference.

And learning the art of the compliment is another great way to leverage positive energy and project love. Compliments make people feel good and raise the vibration of everything around you.  

It Only Takes 21-30 Days To Re-Wire The Brain And Change Your Energy Vibration Permanently

It takes about a month or less to re-wire huge chunks of the brain. It means if you keep at your new story and keep saying it over and over, eventually your vibration is going to change permanently.

As we know from the law of attraction, we will attract in our lives what we continually think about. So if we continually think about improving, increasing our success, and boosting our health, spirituality and abundance, that is what we will begin to attract more of.

If we see ourselves as loving, appreciative, friendly and caring people, that is what will be attracted back to us too. The vibration has to be genuine and projected at your core level for that to be your life experience.

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