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Your aura can give you a lot of insight into your personality. Your aura is like an invisible energy field that surrounds you. This invisible shield is like your energy imprint – and keeping it strong and vibrant can help you live a more positive life.

While you may not actually be able to see your aura, you might be able to sense it or even feel it once you learn how to tune into your energy.

Your aura has several layers and these layers change color with your mood. The human body itself is really the first layer, with the outer four layers making up your aura. All in all, these five layers or “energy bodies” make up your human energy field.

The Five Layers of Your Energy

1. The Physical Energy Body is the first layer. This is the layer that you would typically think of as your physical self.

2. The Etheric Energy Body is the second layer. It is thought to reside about one quarter to a half an inch, but no more than an inch, from your physical self. Energy medicine practitioners may even sense this layer – describing it as feeling “webby.” This layer is kind of like a spider web, it may feel sticky, or stretchy. The layer may also be referred to as a kind of blueprint or holograph of yourself.

3. The Emotional Energy Body is thought of as the third layer. This layer is centrally located amongst the five layers and it is the keeper of your feelings. The layer is where where your fears and joy resides. This layer can have extreme highs and emotional lows.

4. The Mental Energy Body is where your ideas come from. Your belief systems are also thought to be stored here. This layer is all about your personal truths and your perceptions.

5. The Spiritual Energy Body is the final layer and it holds your “consciousness” or “higher awareness”.

Just as you need to keep your physical self well nourished, you also need to keep your etheric body, your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual body healthy and well balanced.

Understanding and decoding your human energy field can give you powerful clues when it comes to your health and wellness. The more you strive to understand when it comes to your energy the healthier you will be.

Aura Strengthening Techniques

Did you know you are a powerful transmitter and receiver of energy? This energy acts like little electrical bursts in your body. When your senses detect some kind of environmental stress or threat, the cells in your nervous and endocrine system work together to prepare you for action. This might also be called the flight or fight system. All of this can weaken your aura so it doesn’t hurt to do some simple exercises to keep your aura strong and bright.

Scanning Your Aura

Scanning your aura is a great way to detect areas that may need to be strengthened. This approach can also be used to locate tears or leaks in your energy.

  1. Start by lying down on a bed or massage table.Relaxed casual brunette in yellow cardigan listening to music with headphones lying on a couch in bright living room
  2. Hold your hand about three inches above your body. This routine can also be used on other people.
  3. Starting with your thigh, place your hand above your thigh moving it up and down until you begin to sense the energy. This is similar to feeling the energy two magnets produce.
  4. Practice moving your hands all around your body sensing the energy. You can also move your hands slowly up and down until you sense the energy.
  5. The more you do this exercise, the easier it will be for you to scan your own energy.
  6. You can also scan your chakras, taking the palm of your hand and placing it above each chakra, until you sense the energy.
  7. If you sense any weak areas, fill the hole up energetically by moving both hands over the area in a clockwise circle. Use your intuition to guide you – if you feel like kneading the energy, do so. You may also feel like you need to pull your hands up farther or in closer.
  8. This procedure pulls in energy from other areas that may have too much energy.

Fluffing Your Aura

This is another fun technique to try and it is kind of like fluffing the pillows on a bed. This is a great energy booster and it is very simple to do.

  1. Beginning at your feet, literally roll your energy upward with your hands circling like you are rolling a beach ball up your legs.
  2. Breathe in deeply as you do this.
  3. This procedure also strengthens the central meridian, which feeds all the other meridians and the chakras.
  4. Using your intuition, see if you can sense any areas that need extra fluffing. You can act like you are literally fluffing a pillow when you are doing this.

Massaging Your Aura

Massaging your aura is also very beneficial. This works similar to a body massage, believe it or not. This is a great technique to try when you feel like you need a little boost.

  1. Start by rubbing your hands together very briskly.
  2. Starting at your head, holds your hands above your head slowly massage the energy downward.
  3. Work you way down your body, using your intuition to guide you.
  4. If you sense any areas that need a little more work, go ahead and spend more time there.
  5. Notice how you feel after you do this.

Hübsche blonde Frau in der NaturThese techniques get easier the more you do them. Before you know it, you will be scanning and sensing areas in your energy that need a little boost. You can use any visualization skill that you feel comfortable with, so use your imagination. If you want to boost your energy, try filling up your aura with a beautiful yellow light. The color yellow is very uplifting.

Your aura protects you so it is extremely important to care for it. You can even imagine yourself taking a shower of light for an intense energy boost. Try changing the colors of the shower to see what colors make you feel the best. Use these tips to strengthen your aura and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.

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